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/u/ hey g/u/rl, you ever starred in a cartoon?
/u/ played the game again and realized...
/u/ "once u join the world u ll understand"
/v/ backlog management
/u/ wat /u/ think about tattoos
/burg/ Cockroach burger
/u/ ITT we make a post and predict our ID color
/burg/ burg
/u/ Send me an email
/u/ /u/ is quite lively!
/mu/ /mu/ needs more activity. share your recent discoveries.
/d/ I gave up on looking for a cute femboy to cuddle with.
/d/ looking for cute girl to teach me Linux and peg me
/new/ Any other tranny NEETs?
/u/ I am a mess
/u/ sleep thread
/u/ whats goin non
/v/ question about video games
/u/ just proposed to my sister
/d/ sales
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