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would anyone be intersted in making some new banners for the boards?
Dangeru.me Thread
our radio station - radi/u/
We've moved to a new VPS provider!
If you want danger/u/ to keep on running.
What do you know about Gena the Krokodil and Cheburashka?
Is /u/ for being social?
Ask a question, don't give any answers #001
People need to be more fun
I need to scream, but I'm in a densely populated residential area and it's 00:30 AM
are u guys real or just AI made up to entertain me on this website?
if you had the chance to become a robot/ai would you?
I like coffee the same way I like women
Анекдотов тред / Joke thread 1
How many ppl here are not russian/slavic
I have a personal conclusion about danger/u/
Feeling fucking tired
Been a while
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