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Usual post about how captcha sucks (sorry)
our radio station - radi/u/
New (new) app
Ways to donate to danger/u/
The current spammer's Doxx.
In this thread we talk about something that didn't happen on the 4th of June, 1989.
Petition to remove captcha from /burg/
it seems like u guys dont have a bidet
How do I do burg
I've been absent for 2 days
Ask the person below you a question #2
Looking for writers
Who let my slave eat soda
Girl issue
Hi /u/, I'm bored at a funeral.
Are you a Baku kind of person or a Touhou kind of person?
Hacker-san, where are you?
Made /burg/s = angry /burg/s
کسی کو اردو آتی ہیں؟
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