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/v/ How to play Undertale? [Careful for spoilers]
/burg/ burg
/u/ What's your dream job?
/u/ ???
/u/ self hate
/u/ Random pic while whatching AvE
/burg/ One burg = one blessing for you, one angry burg = one curse for you
/a/ Who is the most hated anime character? Explain why he/she is the most hated?
/mu/ Indie songs everyone has heard.
/v/ Warioware microgame$ are the best games in the world
/d/ Into snuff?
/new/ The movies were right about USA
/u/ I miss being in a relationship
/u/ I've been stealing from my parents
/v/ What are some games nobody seems to know except you?
/cyb/ [Terminal] Mabinogi (Demo Release)
/u/ Hey g/u/rls, is it normal to hate yourself?
/u/ Socially anxious and lonely.
/u/ I feel empty
/new/ An approach to explain Trumps latest actions
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