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/v/ I'm about to get Yakuza 0 PS3 from Japan, tell me what I'm in for.
/burg/ burg
/v/ Any recomendation of hidden retro gem?
/u/ How old r u gurls?
/a/ The word "Trap" is now banned on r/animemes
/new/ who do you think lies to themselves more? the right or the left?
/v/ Your dream game announcements
/u/ So how's everyone doing
/a/ Detective Conan and Doraemon
/u/ "goth girls" are...kinda basic?
/burg/ burg
/v/ What games are you playing right now?
/u/ /u/ stands for /u/nhappy
/d/ Bad Dragon fans?
/burg/ burg
/u/ are you cut or uncut
/d/ heyyy i missed this app
/u/ How do I know if I am a transgender?
/new/ i unironically hate my own race
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