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/u/ Someone asked me this today, so I'm going to ask you
/d/ Femboy gangbang
/v/ Your most anticipated upcoming game(s)?
/u/ "I'm sorry you feel that way"
/tech/ Where the hell do I get a computer!?
/lain/ What kind of dere is Lain?
/u/ Hot dog is a sausage hamburger
/a/ I thought Ranking of Kings was a lighthearted show
/test/ May I ask why did a trans thread get locked and claimed as "obvious bait"?
/d/ God I want a housemaid i could fuck during work hours
/u/ Анекдотов тред / Joke thread 2
/d/ I'm gonna need a maid here...
/u/ I made you proud, didn't I?
/cyb/ I want Major Chanka to CRUSH me!
/d/ Theg Fantasy
/u/ What do you want for Christmas this year?
/d/ Addicted to sister!
/v/ The AScent
/d/ cock
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