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/d/ a new discovery
/d/ I am a sassy bratty loli
/u/ Milking
/u/ Fever
/u/ People say i walk slow
/d/ how to create enough value in art
/d/ Bath salts raped me when bathing
/u/ My boyfriend is so cute :)))
/u/ I don't really care about bugs all my homies don't either
/new/ Iranian president is dead and the iranians are celebrating
/u/ it's like i am 600k tier already, sigh
/v/ i dont get it
/d/ Draw upside down
/test/ t
/u/ I'm depressed
/new/ the only solution to the quartet-pseudo-reconquista that is UKr-RUS-ISR-ZIo-YEm-MUS-pal
/mu/ need help finding chords to a song
/d/ Too coom brained
/u/ A poem for the woman i love.
/d/ My fuckbuddy got a gf and now im alone and desperate for esex
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