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/u/ What would you choose?
/u/ First time going to a Con?
/a/ Aria the animation
/u/ good morning 2
/d/ Weird and or interesting Doujin plots?
/burg/ burg
/new/ Pitler’s war sets Russian economy back 4 years in single quarter
/d/ Are we sex starved?
/new/ Pelosi landing in Taiwan with mainland doing nothing.
/a/ Dungeon Meshi anime adaption confirmed
/cyb/ Hand is stuck!
/new/ Russian disinformation spreading in new ways despite bans
/a/ Spy x Family
/u/ Text test
/d/ I live so I can masturbate.
/cyb/ Need assistance, will pay
/d/ For a dollar
/u/ Corrupt the post before yours.
/v/ Any of you play dragon's dogma?
/lain/ Тысяча космических хуёв летит к тебе
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