| gimme 600k traffic idea.
or 600k sub on twitch

something to become reach

| gime https://flockmod.com/gallery/index.php?q=/post/view/1040264

| cutest schizo drawing ive ever seen actually i love you 50K

| ^ I do not share this sentiment

| >>c69ec1 >>2b3eff pls fuck off unless you have useful idea

| 600k traffic idea:
buy a good domain
say that you are the 50kchan from danger/u/
work on seo
get cash.

| >>1019278 buy me the domain then, fan

| >>1019279
work for it yourself :^)

| >>1019280 clearly your adoration worth shit, then. go back to basic, watson

| >>1019281
ahh, you have such a beautiful esl way with words... My beloved...

| ^ I only the share first half of this sentiment.

| >>1019284 here
Blood sausage
Right were your squishy is

No wait.

Fuck off
>>1019291 keep talking I don't care

| ||almost incredible how easy it is to get a reaction out of her||

| >>1019311 not more than how attached you are given the massive supply of entertainment out there

You must be like, ADHD or something

| Onlyfans

| Lovely poking 600k(50k)-chan in the butt

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