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/d/ makes Erotica 2 words at a time
I can feel my dick vibrate
how do get balls EGG smooth
fucking kinkshamers
Any great futa doujins you g/u/rls can give me?
K, time for some dirty talk!!! >:3
Semen steaks
trans girls are...
asking the real questions here
Real talk though, ladies, are your breasts/nipples as sensitive as media lets us believe?
High school crush thread
Swallowed a banana whole
Road to heaven XD https:// es.niadd .com /chapter/OneShot/100024251-8.html
I miss lewd drawer
eating a carrot pretending its a dick heheh
Those other two active threads rn basically sum up /d/
My fetish
How to turn a pure Christian girl lewd
How to never get an erection again (pre hrt and no chasity)
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