Good lewd games hit the reply cap

| Lift it please

| if you like futa try Hardcoded.
Lilith's Throne is good too if you like RPG Text Adventures

| Somebody suggest a game with optional and/or mandatory incest pl0x

| Thoughts on SiniSister?

| Katawa shoujo

| >>873192 cool cg, can't remember a thing about gameplay

| Bishoujo Mangekyou

| Sakakumo's Schoolhouse is pretty interesting. The game's a bit grindy at first but the atmosphere in the game is pretty cool.

Holy Knight Ricca is also worth checking out if you like good gameplay and decent character customizability along with the lewd stuff.

Last one for now, EraTohoK is also pretty good but its probably not gonna click for everyone since its largely text-based.

| >>873546

Never heard of Sakakumo, what's that?

Ricca is arguably the best looking 3D (or 2.5D) action H game that can compare/even surpass non H indie game. I would recommend it highly, but be warned that the first scene would probably turn away a few people because of the gore.

I prefer eratohoutw. How to gitgud in eratohok? I keep losing.

| >>873561 kidnap a fairly large nation leader> mindbreak them with sex > make them your bitch > ez win and border control

| Lust Grimm Again, Lilith in Nightmare

| Sex with Hitler, Furry Hitler, good lewd Nowell's

| >>c0b86f my bad, forgot to clarify that Sakakumo is the name of the game developer, the game itself is just called Schoolhouse.

Anyways gonna add another lewd game recommendation since I forgot to mention this one but Succubus Affection by [Diary of Sakiba] is another good one. Lots of monster girls but also a surprisingly pretty fun combat system. By the end of the game you'll be stringing together so many flashy melee and magic skills that you'll almost forget it was an H-game.

| >>c1c48e maybe Inusuku's games like Sister Seikatsu Fantasy, Imouto Life Monochrome, or Sister Travel might interest you?

However the stuff in their games lean more towards little sister type content which might not be for everyone.

| -9

| Dont know if anyones suggested it but if youre a bit open to fantasy creatures, yiff, and a bit of transformation Corruption of Champions, its sequel, and its mods are pretty great plays. Ive probably sunk too many hours into it.

| >>875114 bad. I want consensual sex

| SEQUEL best

| Rondo Duo

| Ayura Crisis and their other new game Eris Dysnomia are both good if you like side-scrolling beat em up fighting games along with your lewd stuff.

| >>873192

This is one of my favorite games on DLsite, but its not for everyone.

Personally I avoid all the hard guro bad ends because they kill my mood faster than a NikoAvocado video.

| >>875620

Ayuru Crisis is fucking amazing.

| excessm's games are also pretty good if you don't mind ShotaxOnee themed stuff. Parade Buster, Smash Boy, and Yumesame are my personal favorites from them.

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