Good lewd games hit the reply cap

| Lift it please

| if you like futa try Hardcoded.
Lilith's Throne is good too if you like RPG Text Adventures

| Somebody suggest a game with optional and/or mandatory incest pl0x

| Thoughts on SiniSister?

| Katawa shoujo

| >>873192 cool cg, can't remember a thing about gameplay

| Bishoujo Mangekyou

| Sakakumo's Schoolhouse is pretty interesting. The game's a bit grindy at first but the atmosphere in the game is pretty cool.

Holy Knight Ricca is also worth checking out if you like good gameplay and decent character customizability along with the lewd stuff.

Last one for now, EraTohoK is also pretty good but its probably not gonna click for everyone since its largely text-based.

| >>873546

Never heard of Sakakumo, what's that?

Ricca is arguably the best looking 3D (or 2.5D) action H game that can compare/even surpass non H indie game. I would recommend it highly, but be warned that the first scene would probably turn away a few people because of the gore.

I prefer eratohoutw. How to gitgud in eratohok? I keep losing.

| >>873561 kidnap a fairly large nation leader> mindbreak them with sex > make them your bitch > ez win and border control

| Lust Grimm Again, Lilith in Nightmare

| Sex with Hitler, Furry Hitler, good lewd Nowell's

| >>c0b86f my bad, forgot to clarify that Sakakumo is the name of the game developer, the game itself is just called Schoolhouse.

Anyways gonna add another lewd game recommendation since I forgot to mention this one but Succubus Affection by [Diary of Sakiba] is another good one. Lots of monster girls but also a surprisingly pretty fun combat system. By the end of the game you'll be stringing together so many flashy melee and magic skills that you'll almost forget it was an H-game.

| >>c1c48e maybe Inusuku's games like Sister Seikatsu Fantasy, Imouto Life Monochrome, or Sister Travel might interest you?

However the stuff in their games lean more towards little sister type content which might not be for everyone.

| -9

| Dont know if anyones suggested it but if youre a bit open to fantasy creatures, yiff, and a bit of transformation Corruption of Champions, its sequel, and its mods are pretty great plays. Ive probably sunk too many hours into it.

| >>875114 bad. I want consensual sex

| SEQUEL best

| Rondo Duo

| Ayura Crisis and their other new game Eris Dysnomia are both good if you like side-scrolling beat em up fighting games along with your lewd stuff.

| >>873192

This is one of my favorite games on DLsite, but its not for everyone.

Personally I avoid all the hard guro bad ends because they kill my mood faster than a NikoAvocado video.

| >>875620

Ayuru Crisis is fucking amazing.

| excessm's games are also pretty good if you don't mind ShotaxOnee themed stuff. Parade Buster, Smash Boy, and Yumesame are my personal favorites from them.

| Any Alicesoft games.
All their games actually has good gameplays
Most of their "content" is dark even though the whole vibe of their games are happy summer time

| Summer ~Life in the Countryside~ by Dieselmine is pretty good. Basically a summer vacation cohabitation with a childhood friend in the countryside simulator. It also has a full h-animation in the works which is worth looking forward to as well.

| Does "good" pertain to the gameplay, plot, or "plot" because Last Evil had the best gameplay. I forgot entirely about the lewd parts and just grinded to get everything, played for at least 100 hours

| If you are in Futa, Tales of androgyny, with the futa+ option activated if u want

| Ive heard good things about Monster Quest, but its like 30-40 USD per entry and there are multiple games

| The new excessm game "Mine's Canary" is pretty good. Basically a fun game that basically boils down to ignoring the advances of women to focus on stacking hella paper lol

| Orc Massage
the gameplay loop suck but the sex scenes are absurdly well animated

| >>883012
Whats the gameplay loop like?

| >>74777e
cheap rythm game (always the same one)
into massaging hot monster ladies
into fucking ladies

| >>883435
Damn, that sounds like it blows.
Its probably a disconnect between the artist and programming people/person.
Thats what happened with that Cloudy Meadow game before it got called Cloudy Meadow.

| For you NTR freaks theres Summer Sweepers, the gameplay is kinda like a mix between minesweeper and fire emblem. I played it for the futa and gay sussy baka routes, but there is NTR as well.

| Succubus Prison House of Lewd Demons I think is pretty good. Its a groundhog day, escape room type horror game where you loop everytime you die, and try to take notes of what happens at what times and slowly deduce your way of escaping the titular House of Lewd Demons with every death. The mix of genres sounds weird but it surprisingly works pretty well and I ended up finishing the game because I didn't expect to actually enjoy and get engaged with the game itself as much as I did.

| If you like Yuri (which I'm sure most people here are) and some bdsm elements check out "Ladykiller: in a bind" really good VN written by a lesbian that takes the subject at hand seriously with an interesting storyline to boot. One of my favorites for sure.

| >>883480 Issue is lewd scenes and storytelling is extremely hard to integrate well into gameplay outside VNs so most lewd games end up with really crap gameplay just to justify it being a game

I think you should try to make for example combat specifically lewd in nature to integrate it into the lewd themes, as an example have a move be choking an enemy with your thighs (while fucking their mouth)

| Night of Revenge got a full release awhile back didnt it? That game and other games from the same devs have some really neat gameplay as well as very nice h-scenes (if you can stomach the gross and freaky denizens and monsters of the game that is)

| >>929001 I have no idea why people still play NoR when Ricca game exist. I mean, unless you have a pixel art fetish.

| Eh, nothing wrong with playing both of them to enjoy the glorious amount of h-content jampacked into both games instead of just sticking to one.

| Black Souls 2 if you can handle the RPG Maker grind and the needing-a-text-document-explaining-the-routes-ness of it. It's honestly quite wordy and has a lot of non-con related fetishes as well though. It also attracts loreheads because of its story and likable characters.

| >>930298 i heard it has jumpscares, so I'm out

| >>930302 there only 2 jumpscares in the entire game gurl. and a very obvious one too

| >>931262 all I need is to know that the game has jumpscares, and then I will be always anticipating it the whole game. Making it hard to enjoy the game because I will be clenching my butt the whole game.

Same goes to doki doki literature club. I spent the whole game scared of the jumpscares more than the actual jumpscares

| Previous thread here. https://dangeru.us/d/thread/612368

| The Manager Serves All, She ill server (proper name is HER: The Evil Server), Operation Lovecraft, Demon Stele and the Dog Princess are some that come to mind. If any of you know games similar to these ones (technical and/or fetish aspect) that'd be much appreciated

| didnapper, but there's no H in it.

| Daiteikoku and Rance serie are excellent SLG games.
Guro games cracklecradle and punisher are also recommended.

| Daiteikoku and Rance serie are excellent SLG games.
Guro games cracklecradle and punisher are also recommended.

| Greatest lewd game is Karryn's Prison. Ricca is amazing but way too ryona for me. I cry everytime

| >>945566 Karryn's gameplay looks good. But I can't get over her design.

| >>931272 know that you're loved gurl.

| Someone knows any rhythm - hentai/eechi game like Beat Refle?

| >>947261 there's a rhythm heaven parody game, released a few months ago. It's not in english, though.

| Found a neat little Megaman-parody hgame named "MegaOne" (the 'One' in the game name means Onee).

The game concept is kinda goofy and its also only in MTL rn but basically you control a young boy accompanied by his sister (she's here to act as the Roll to your Megaman) as they fight to reach the demon king's castle. The controls consist of the classic buster shot, charged shot, a kinda Z-saber melee, and sliding/jumping.

The H-stuff is mid though but the gameplay is pretty fun.

| Cockroach game

| elona

| itch.io search the erotic tag

| I find that going to insert site(my pref is f95) and filtering is surefire way of finding good content, I like a lot of WolfRPG games for example there tends to be a specific type of people that create for it that cater to my wants

| Ditto on WolfRPG games, some of the stuff that hgame devs have made on that engine is some mad fun and kinky stuff, even if sometimes theres a little jank

| Can you give me advice about some android futa game?

| I wish mushi no kangoku was actually fun

| Artificial Academy 2 with mods!

| Tobihime (or Flying Princess in english) is pretty cool.

Gameplay is like Angry Birds (as weird as that sounds) where you launch girls at enemies and then use their character ability in mid-air to try and wipe out the enemy leaders on the map. It's got some RPG elements of gearing up your girls as well as a cool interbreeding mechanic to get monster girls and hybrids with special abilities on your team. The pixel animations for the H content is pretty neat and well-done too.

| Inking heroes vs tentacle

| "MaiDenSnow Eve" is really good. The game's kinda old now but someone finally managed to crack the anti-TL measures and manually translate the game to make a good EN patch for it (as opposed to the really bad EN MTL that the dev forced players to use) which makes it actually understandable enough to play seriously.

On the topic of roguelikes, "The Shimmering Horizon and Corrupted Blacksmith" is also similarly really well-made and is definitely worth checking out.

| >>969771
>anti-TL measures
>EN MTL that the dev forced players to use
what the fuck

| I really wish I was joking but that was the case yes. The dev was against having their game translated or modified in anyway, and there was some copy-protection that blocked it from being played if any modification WAS detected. This made the game pretty annoying and difficult to try and manually translate so until very recently, everyone had to deal with the built-in, partial MTL. Thankfully though there's a way to put in a proper english patch now to enjoy the game properly.

| >>971367 ever heard of Asgar? the guy who made RO:BF/RE:BF (H Parody of ragnarok online), used to despise his game played by foreigner. He put in game password so that people who don't speak Japanese can't play his game. Even worse, if you mentioned his game on 4ch, he would file a false DMCA takedown to nuke the thread, sometimes he post in the thread with broken English. The guy ended up became a meme.

| For furry/beatemup fans there's cool old Project X : Love Potion Disaster. I think it has some sort of story, don't rember

| If you like sidescrolling action combat with your H-stuff, Arms Bless 2 is pretty damn fun. The game has a lot more focus on melee instead of the ranged spam of the first game and the combat becomes really fun once you start unlocking more and more of Fuko's moveset. I just wish there was more hscenes than mostly ryona but overall its some good fun.

| >>873033
>liliths throne
top-tier taste
its furry-based but you can limit how furry and common they are both by animal type and gender, or just disable it entirely (with the exception of some unique characters)
you can also customize how common each sex is (from hermaphrodite with breasts to doll) and by femininity
its got a very in-depth combat system and sex system and a ton of content, almost all of which is optional
the only downside is that its mostly text based
love that game

| Setalia the Demon Realm and Seal of Lutellaria (both by uzuraZanac) are worth mentioning. Futanari content might not be for everyone but the sidescrolling action is pretty fun, especially Lutellaria with its Gunlance-esque weapon and combat system.

| AIdeal Rays (AKA Drive Fairy Ideal Raise) by Riez-ON is also pretty good. Its a 3D Mecha-Girl Shooter/Fighter with fully-voiced story and h-scenes. Imho the combat and the h-scenes alone are good enough reason to go and check it out (Its pretty demanding on graphics though so might not be for everyone).

| >>991818 I think it's pretty fair to mention that half the H scenes are NTR.

And the combat is clusterfuck lazors beam light show that I ended up just mashing buttons

Also, the scenes are pretty janky compared to other 3D game like Holy Knight Ricca

| >>991892 true, there's an option to opt out of NTR content in the settings at least but its on by default and can be easily missed if not already informed beforehand that the game has defeat NTR (i remember losing the first mission while getting my grips with the controls and combat system and ended up being greeted by the scene lol)

| evenicle, kamidori alchemy meister

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