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The Kremlin Disinformation Methods in Its War Against Ukraine
Live map of clashes in eastern Ukraine. Press the map Icon on top.
Pitler took a tumble and shat himself
Brains of post-pandemic teens show signs of faster ageing
The Ukrainian Embassy in Kazakhstan is going to visit your house and home in the dead of night and replace your blanket with a Persian hand-woven carpet.
European Parliament declares Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism
Meta’s Adversarial Threat Operation Shuts down A Record Breaking Amount Of Propaganda Networks
Researchers report successful transplantation of human brains into baby rats
Study shows cash transfers from rich to poor can increase happiness of the poor
Elon Musk
Russian missile landed in Poland
Ukrainian drunk ADF shoot civilian. Again.
Iranian parliment voted in favor of genociding 15.000 innocent protesters
I am donated 2
Ukrainian terrorists were stopped in Belgorod
Measures of Current Economic Activity and Economic Outlook Point to Devastating Impact on Russia
Russian troops overturn their vehicle on a completely straight road while attempting to evacuate their wounded from Kherson.