The Kremlin Disinformation Methods in Its War Against Ukraine

| The volume of Russian disinformation seeking to frame Ukraine as a threat to justify military action by Russia has more than doubled in the past weeks. Russian state-linked social media and news outlets are amplifying claims – without evidence – of attacks and plots blamed on Ukrainian forces against Russian separatists.

The Kremlin has a track record of using false information to create confusion and doubt when trying to avoid blame for an attack or to create an excuse to act.

| Russian disinformation has also targeted Ukraine for decades, aimed at trying to make Moscow look good and the West appear aggressive. The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014 was the textbook case. Russian media spun out a range of conspiracy theories to explain the tragedy, from the somewhat-plausible to the absurd.

| The Dutch Joint Investigation Team, which conducted the criminal investigation into the crash, concluded that the aircraft was brought down by a Buk missile system that ultimately belonged to and was operated by the Russian army.


Promoting unverified stories:
Russian media have a history of promoting emotive content and questionable claims that portray Ukraine in a negative light.

Portraying Ukraine as pro-Nazi:
Suggesting that Ukraine is a country aligned with Nazism has been a regular feature of Russian media coverage.

| Readers’ comments used to represent public opinion:
In recent weeks, some Russian state media outlets have featured misleading headlines about international support for Ukraine based solely on user comments on Western media sites.

Using Western voices to exaggerate support for Russia:
Activity on accounts spreading pro-Russian propaganda increased dramatically in November last year, according to research from the counter-disinformation group Mythos Labs.

| One tactic – as noted by researchers – was to share material from non-Russian voices with views that fall in line with Moscow’s stance.

| https://euvsdisinfo.eu/the-kremlins-playbook-fabricating-pretext-to-invade-ukraine-more-myths/


How to behave against bullshitters:

| Useful links if you want to know more about Russias disinformation practices and how to combat them:

https://informnapalm.org/ - Available in many languages
https://www.harvard.edu/in-focus/managing-misinformation/ - Fucking Harvard University
https://mythoslabs.org/ - Very accessible. They even have comedy and feel-good moments under their Projects tab.

| Bruh moment. My boi Putin shouldn't be this wicked. He's trying to make that war against Ukraine no matter what.
Just because he wants to.

| https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2022/01/15/ukra-j15.html

| >>>ba4268
Are you gonna say anything with that URL you dropped or ... ?

Because if you don't it looks like you're attempting:
>Promoting unverified stories:
>Russian media have a history of promoting emotive content and questionable claims that portray [insert democratic country here] in a negative light.

Makes you look kinda desperate, desu.

| I used to listen to russian songs, but I don't do that anymore

| >>834479 I still listen to russian songs! My favourite is "blue wagon" from Cheburashka.
Russians and everyone should learn from that beautiful song to not do violence or war!
We all should be uniting as one humanity and helping others, while hoping the future will be better...
Anyways! Here's that song!
I love it.

| >>9ccb39 How long will you post western propaganda? You are the same man, right?

| Thanks for the bump, fellas! The more people that bookmark OPs links the better.

They're useful if you want to know *exactly* how Russian disinformation methods operate, and how to combat them. With a little bit of informed reading you will become a master at catching and destroying these liars.

| bump

| Lol, why Ukraine posts so much of fake news?

| >>835689
Because it's war. Truth is always the first victim of war.

| As a russian, i can say how people "justify" the war.
They call ukranians nazis and say they need to be turned away from europe.
Also when they see someone saying "no to war", they alway say the same: BuT UkRaInE WaS ShElLiNg DoNbAsS FOR 8 YEARS!!1 And where you were when US was interventind in Syria????????

They also call all photos of destruction either fake or claim that its ukranian nationalist doing that.
And they think they fight nationalists and not "normal ukranian people"

| “everyone who disagrees with me is a kremlin bot” the thread

| >>838023
t. kremlin bot

| >>838363
white house bot

| >>839898 gremlin bot

| Doesn't that disinformation only work on their own citizens?

| >>840039
Sometimes Europeans get baited too.

| >>840039 the convoy in Canada is supporting Pitler for some reason, so I think it definitely works on people outside Russia if they're brain-dead.

| Funny desu

| Pitler

| How about we discuss western governments' propaganda methods?

| Thank you for playing Half Life Episode more than two but less than four. I hope you enjoy yourself and it was worth the wait.

| Hi from Ukraine everyone. I've been without light all day and without orcs so its good day :)

| >>931216 Hi from us. I was a good day without pigs like you. :)

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| >>931234
You about ruzzians scum? I agreed :)

| Feels good without that pigs posting cringe here. Glad to know that they have everyday blackout.

| Russian women are beautiful.

| >>935396 yeah, if you're into human cigarettes pickled in vodka. The fuck are you on about?

| Hello, Pitler here. Did you know: Ukraine has killed over 65 million people?

Huh... Why does that number seem familiar? It's almost as if it's the number of people that William Hearst says that communism has killed...

| >>935598 are you counting deaths as a result of Soviet rule or did 65 million just now expire. What is this dipshit trying to pull?

| Jugoslavia, Syria, Iraq. No one cares.
Ukraine gets fucked for killing civilian. OMG, poor country!

| hoes mad

| Я русский

| >>935809 I was making a joke about disinformation in the past. A news company in the 1900s said the 65 million number as a clickbait headline as part of a propaganda campaign. They have recently done stuff like spread antivax and anti-abortion headlines, so money is probably their only priority.

| >>936167 but but there are more civilian casulties!!!
but which side is funding these efforts to document them?

| USA #1 terrorist nation

| >>939635
No. in Ukraine there is about 6884, according to OUN. In Iraq 151000 civilians.

| Ukraine is to blame

| Russians are the ones who attacked first, both times. That's pretty much all to this war.

| Russians save Ukrainians from the Nazi government

| just kill them all on both sides world would be a better place with no russias
give ukraine to poland give west russia to finland give east russia to mongols

| if russia didn't attacked/annexed since 2014 and let ukrain do their own gaz and petrol and transport it using the famous pipeline, would it be really that bad for russia ? I thought that thanks to climate change they were going to have enough ressources to survive isolated from the rest of the world

| lmao so obvious a troll farm was called on this one, half of these replies aren't even about the thread, just disconnected propaganda dumped in here

average ruski English skills don't help either

| I saw a news article about how AI was getting better at relating to and having the opinions of the teenagers of this era. The comments that look like obvious bots have the most based and obvious political stances.

| Good thread time to post it on competitor forum

| >>837927
"As Russian"

| Хохла порвало

| And as a result, everyone sucks. I am really tired of this hatred stuff from all sides. Some lie about bad Ukrainians, although in fact most of them are ordinary guys, with their own thoughts, life, study and work. Others lie about Russians, exposing them as bloodthirsty monsters, although in fact most of them are the same ordinary guys with the same work, study and thoughts.

| Still others try to appear to be political experts, being the devil knows where, pretending that they don't give a shit at all, while simultaneously making memes and giggling with everything that happening. Everything that happens is completely surreal and blaming ordinary people who just want to live, live normally, on both sides is idiocy. We live in such a world, most of us are unlikely to be able to change something for the better.

| And those who spread hatred, from ALL sides, will get prostate cancer and curse on diarrhea 666.

| All of you are fucking crazy. Ukraine isn't even real: it's an alien psyop to see how much they can get you to care about a nation you've never even seen before.

They're laughing at you from the mothership.

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Хуя се тут прогандируют

| >>9f9788
Azov, need I say more?


| just stop fighting

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| It never stops, eh ?

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Артёмовск тащемта

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| Ты еблан?

| Enjoy your day


| >>958589 You are the shitъeater

| Pitler is gonna take the world out with him. He's old and afraid of dying from cancer or his ministrokes that he has been having.

That's why nukes are suddenly on the table.

| >>961284 He is immortal. Are you stupid?

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| Модераторы тут в целом пидорасы

| >>964984 Это факт.

| homeless man calling another homeless man a broke ass nigga: the war

| i dont fuckin give a shit about ukraine or russia

| >>a44f99 съебалось, чудовище

| Я вообще делаю айсберг по интернету и туда добавлю этот сайт

| >>89918c скинь сюда потом ссылку на айсберг

| >>970218 Не делай этого. Этот сайт хорош только как раз из-за того, что о нём мало кто знает!

| Both sides are doing the same. When power and money is at stake, the truth has no place. That is why it is healthy not caring too much about the "news".

The war's only stake is which set of oligarchs get to steal from which set of peasants.

It's simply sad, I wish it would end sooner than later.

| desperate replies from desperate russian troll farms lmao

| >>946343

| Every military action will be covered with a mask of propaganda and lies from both sides of the conflict. We will never know the truth.

| >>972195
nah, the truth is that ruzzia is guilty of war crimes and is trying to lie trough the teeth about it and everything else. they're guilty and _everyone_ knows it.

how much are they paying you for trolling this thread awyway? 40 rubels per hour? lol

| Why was this thread unlocked anyway?

| >>972326 45 rubels. Paranoid schizophrenia is normal lol.

| It's war, you think war crimes from all sides isn't normal? The only thing is the "good guys" war crimes are ignored

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