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Ну что пацаны, ещё шесть лет с Путиным?
Russian presidential election
Anyone who hasn't read Marx has no right to criticize socialism or communism
Vigilant killings in the Philippines
I stubbed my toe yesterday. Goddamn Russians...
Vigilant killings in the Philippines
Vigilant killings in the Philippines
Students permitted to protest peacefully for gun control, destroy Walmart
Trump to Combat Movie Piracy
I am con-cancer
So Trump and Kim Jong Un are going to meet in hawai'i, where I f*cking live @[email protected]
GF Tries to Kill Gamer BF With Katana, Fails Thanks To Gamer's FPS Reflexes
Speaking of boners
A Win For Medical Freedom; 4 Vaccine Bills Defeated
Telford child grooming
Whats the NRA and why are people against it?
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Teen girl among 3 referred to prosecutors over "inappropriate" YouTube stunt in Tokyo
Putin is a reptile.
Uncle Milty
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