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i hate it when people refuse to acknowledge the political figures they supports flaws
An approach to explain Trumps latest actions
Post protest utopia how?
Do you guys agree with the tips for the world thread?
So new month new trouble
What does "pindos" means?!
The movies were right about USA
As Trump Targets Twitter's Legal Sheild, Experts Have A Warning
Heres a few tips for the current world
So apparently someone made an "anti 5g" device but it's just a thumb drive
George Lloyd's death
Is America going to start another cold war?
Xijingping trying to scale up his military against India
CNN Reporter Arrested on Live Television
Tell us your prefered ideology and why you follow it
A Looming Financial Meltdown for America's Schools
Where is gender equality?
Continuation of the incel terrorist thread
Teenage boy charged in Canada's first 'incel' terror case
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