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Miami man with no arms charged with stabbing Chicago tourist
Farmers say China has already started to cancel orders due to Trump tariffs
it's not racist to hate on con-ethnicities
1 in 10 Russians Want to Emigrate — State Pollster
Trump is a great president.
Grave of Swedish child that died in Stockholm terror attack is vandalise
Arguments for communism
Posadas was right
Britain's heatwave leads to archaeological finds, sun & heat burns outlines in ground
Bernie 2020 yay or nay?
White Genocide
what if left boiz get to power
Is centrist a meme?
left Vs right
Tokyo women’s university will accept transgender students who identify as female
Police Scotland warns social media users over Contempt of Court
what are you g/u/rls opinions on Free State Project?
why pan arabism stinks
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