things to do in the countryside

| stuck in rural utah to take care of some family business for a few weeks or so. what do people do out here?

| oh ive also got a 3ds with animal crossing on it

| Chill.
Walk around.
Take a break from reality.
The inaka is the best.

| needless to say, if there any family members you are able to have sex with, its a timehonored countryside staple

| Recreate Non Non Biyori.
Recreate Higurashi.
Go find some Youkai.
The world is yours.

| sincerely, do some cloudwatching. let yourself simply do nothing. let your imagination wander, enjoy the wonder of the world

| I just went berry picking with my family (can’t have sex with : ( )

| if you aren't afraid of them, then look at bugs, look at how they walk around and live

| Non non biyori Sex

| Go eat a steak hamburger, it's what i would do in the countryside (i never been on the country side BUT STILL!)

| >>1019074 I'm gonna explore your countryside if you know what I mean

| >>1018989 jerk off to a beautiful landscape vista, no porn
I once did it over the Seven Sisters during extreme fog
best experience ever

| >>1018993
its like 100f here rn aaaaaaaaa

| >>1019208
Ok then just sit inside with the AC on full blast reading

| Dig

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