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Everything will be okay.
The Official Danger/u/ Discord is Open!
would anyone be intersted in making some new banners for the boards?
We've moved to a new VPS provider!
Dangeru.me Thread
our radio station - radi/u/
New (new) app
If you want danger/u/ to keep on running.
if you're scared of dogs and come to someone's house, knowing they have a dog, is it retarded?
Ask me anything
How do I roleplay better?
Is it necessarily weird that right now my body in general just feels like it as anything but tired?
from /mu/ on 4chan how are you faggots doing
I'm heading to sleep.
Advice needed: I'm stuck as family's glue
thoughts on online relationships?
How big of an asshole am I for turning down my mom's gift idea?
日本語 Practice

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