would anyone be intersted in making some new banners for the boards?

| title.

i can basically send the dimensions if you g/u/rls want to contribute some banners.

the current ones weren't updated since like at least early 2018

| Some new banners would be nice. Don't really got the skills for it, but maybe I could give it a shot?


| well then, the dimensions for nearly all the banners are: 963x316

| Sounds good. How are we supposed to deliver them? A throwaway mail, some sort of submission site?

| you can up them to any kind of image sharing website and leave a link here.

i'll periodically come and check by here to grab them

| how will be judged? I wouldn't want a banner that I don't like?

| >>624822 through the GitHub would probably be easiest.

| >>624813 I've had a few banner ideas in my head for a while now. Might as well get em out there now!

| Oh boy, this will be fun!

| pin this thread until submissions are closed


| >>624858

everything will be subjected to my personal bias :P

i'm just this much of a tyrant

| also, nearly forgot to link the font: http://nanoshinono.me/CyberpunkWaifus.ttf

| neat, gonna give it a try

| I'd be willing to give it a try.

| >>624974 lol dictator pref

| banner for danger/new/
based on cnn politics

| banner for danger/v/


| >>625172 >>625176
uploaded both, i like 'em

| https://i.imgur.com/elkbY0e.png

| >>625418
This absolutely should be on /u

| >>625455
It should be on /all/.

| Finished up a couple banners here.

Looks like we had similar ideas for the second one >>625418 !

| >>625525
I feel like that second one would be a lot better without the "we love sex". Like, just having the entire banner being replies and then mark it with /d/ in the corner.

| >>625526 here ya are. Pref can chose whichever version she likes most.

| >>625536
Huh. Yeah, maybe the first one was best. The new one makes my OCD feel all fucky.

| Could you submit any graphic work? I could provably lend some stuff like that

| Do they have to be digital?


| >>625525
absolutely beautiful, uploaded

wdym exactly

yeah, it would be preferred

| How does this look?



| >>625742

the banner doesn't look bad + divine taste in RPG Maker games g/u/rl

i'll add in a few

| >>625744 Hell yeah, grew up with those games as my first real introduction to horror before Silent Hill.

https://imgur.com/a/nN2clSz Also I made another one in the style of Persona 5, hopefully the different font isn't too much of a issue.


| >>625747

that is one dope ass banner, added both


| actually, could you resave both of those as PNG, if you still have the source files?

| >>625756

https://imgur.com/a/KCWweZE Gotcha partner, also if you want any more, feel free to ask


| >>625757

added 'em, also feel free to make more!


you'd need to poke Lain for that, he manages the mobile app

| >>625767
Aighty, well before I do a theme here's my banner for /d/

| https://imgur.com/a/xcfax2A
I didnt forget to post the link, you did


| >>625780

not gonna ask,

| <3

| >>625780
That is incredible.

| Someone could a metronome /burg/ or something like that. Something that represents their endless struggle for dominance and balance.

Not in the mood right now, sorry.

| >>625800
My image editing skills suck
https://imgur.com/a/yjT2Hg0 here is my attempt
https://files.catbox.moe/nqs7u8.xcf and here is the xcf file so people better at editing images than me can take a stab at it


| >>625832

added, thank you!

| The "I love sex" one is peak danger/meme/. I'll make one for /cyb/.

| https://i.imgur.com/6G1Funs.png

| >>624813 Here's one I made for /u/, based off .flow, one of my favorites personally.

| https://imgur.com/a/xeUlWGp

| >>626273
Ooh! That's nice.

| >>626273 I feel like there's a reference I'm missing.

| >>626299 If you know the Rpg maker game Yume Nikki, .flow is a fan game that happened to have its own cult folllowing, leading it to kinda stand by itself next to Yume Nikki

| https://imgur.com/a/dMEUJAv here's one I made. What do you think?

| >>627011
Not bad

| No love for Girls Frontline? Here's my take. I hope gifs are allowed



| >>626273

looks great! .flow was also an amazing game


pretty good!


i made a Girls Frontline themed banner for /v/ once, it has dorothy in it though. still adding this one though, just because you've used HK416

best raifu

| I'm down. Gonna imgur up some later.

| I'm down. Gonna imgur up some later.

| >>627468

A fellow Shikikan with good taste! wew

| I got a good one for /tech/

| and if you want one that doesn't have my begging then here is an alternative https://i.ibb.co/mt7WZTv/dangertech2.png

| https://imgur.com/a/MyJbwhS
suprised no one has made this joke yet

| Well, Im happy with giving the Persona 5, .flow, and the indie Rpg Maker one!


| >>627663 >>627676

great banners! adding rn

| For /d/

| >>631438
That's pretty good.

| /d/ 3 variants of cummies ice cream

| >>631655

| >>631655 please make the ice cream more veined

| >>631655
Good memories.


| i did one too but it may be too much for people with epilepsy

| Well, we do have Anna glitching with those same colors at /u/.

Pref, flip the Coin of Potentially Harmful Ideas!

| looks like shit,but fuck it

| >>639636 not angry enouga


| after a long delay,

>>639361 >>639636
added both of those, thank you so much!


| i especially love the burg one, it's done so well

| Two new banners, none of them ice cream. Disappointed.

| The banner with the purple animated text is dope!

| Not particularly creative, but I hope it will suffice

| oops, got the URL wrong, fixed it here

| >accidently shows dick pic.
>Pref puts it as banner of /d/

| Made some quick shit

| Here ya go

| Maybe stupid... But fun! https://imgur.com/0Mc3nVz

| So Pref was that Nigerian prince who needed my help.

| An old meme that some people can still remember... https://imgur.com/8RPpQRi

| >>673125
That looks so fucking cancer. It's perfect!

| >>673129 Thanks.


| >>673125

the nigerian prince is back to ceremoniously steal those two banners

| Not everyone will understand. https://imgur.com/hnxk48Q
Video of Mod's work. https://imgur.com/V9b8AWF

I know that it's not best work. But it's still better then nothing + something new

| >>676104
That second one fits really well considering the the Russian setting too. I approve.

| Unsure if I'm late to the party, but I bit the bullet anyhow and tried out a few designs for several boards.
...Though the positioning might be a bit "monotone," I guess.

| Here is the /ban/er.
Some day, it will be true.

| You got your Serbia upside down.

| for /a/

| For /u/

| For /new/

| For /d/
I've missed making these. I've got a few from Yuichan that I could repurpose if anyone's interested.

| I think joker is the very funneh

| >>676104

Accurate. <3

| There's been some recent discussion in /a/ about vtubers, so I figured I'd make a banner based on the vtuber who's first word was a shout out to /a/.

Banner: https://i.ibb.co/dcZqtSN/a-gawr-gura.png

Mockup: https://i.ibb.co/fS8kQkd/mockup.png

Related video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U6eHY1M9WM

| I had a dream where I was turned into a banner for /u/

| New banner for /u/. Took me 30 minutes but I'm proud.

| i hope somebody likes this one for /mu/

| New banners are cool and all, but it bugs me that some of them have different dimensions

| Do we have any banners made from jpeg artifacts?

| /u/r welcome


| hello i came back from buying milk and added these banners

i especially like the windows xp-tan one

| Dammit, you were supposed to buy cigarettes and never return! That way I would have enough time to do mine.

Go back and buy more milkies!

| pref's Millie's. (////)

| *milkies

| I wanna drink pref's milk

| Add if milkies to the patreon pref


| done a banner for /v/, seems like a good try at least, hehe

| I might make a couple, graphic design is my passion after all

| >>756204 poggers, good work

| >>778080 Where?

| >>689704 Is this banner in use?

| >>689704 Best for new.

| We do need some new banners

| https://i.imgur.com/PGz4FeV.png

| >>803315 deep

| for free? meh

| https://i.imgur.com/vUFvmoN.png \j/ust kidding

| >>d1f88d this is stupidity-_-

| how about these:



| >>813317 first one seems ok but the second one is unfit I guess

| Not a banner, but I didn't think it was worth the creation of a seperate thread:
An attempt at making a la/u/ncher theme with (rough) pixel dimensions taken from arc'd threads and the old united4 page.

| >>817409 can you make a mashup?

| >>817626
Sorry for the late reply; "mashup" in the sense of throwing it all into a preview? If so then yeah, no prob: https://i.imgur.com/gaCqWqO.png

| >>817819 has potential, but kills AMOLED for sure

| >>817841
Yeeeah, palette's as much of a strength as it is a weakness. Still, I don't think there's much I could've done without sacrificing the vibe of the theme. Making some elements darker, I guess, but to what end 'n all.

| >>813495

| Someday Prefetcher will actually check this board, at least I hope so

| the heck is this

| >>832810 ┬ępref

| https://imgur.com/E97lQxw

i think they're fitting

| where's that radioactive futanari banner?

| Are all Chinese speakers dead?I'm really fed up with all English days.

| If you want i can create an Elden Ring themed banner for /v/

| >>852368 Tarnished hugging Fia pls?

| >>7c46af ok I'll do it

| >>7c46af Here you are: https://imgur.com/a/ANPWWWJ

| >>852875 lmao this is perfect

| ideas? i'm open to making something

| One with a dinosaur please

| >>856167 Make this look good.

>>676104 >>689704

| I made a b/w pixelart on my phone of some weird doodle-y characters for a banner

| >>860956
This is terrible I love it

| H h

| Still up?

| >>872888 No.

| >>872888
No I'm sleep goodnight!!!

| Can I put my own mascot in the banner? Mods?

| im gonna cum


| My time to shine time to make the vilest shitposts the internet will ever see

| hi

| shut the fuck up welcome to he/ll/

| something I made in GIMP, couldn't really decide on either https://imgur.com/a/l9opG8n

| I have a good banner idea, its the cat astronauts looking at a red dot.
-vcxl out

| >>897707 >>897739 When mods will add this?

| >>886735 I like the second better, it's a little more readable

| >>624822 send them by pigeon

| >>624813 how would you like a microworks related banner :3

| https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1057652471905931454/1057652551073415249/micro.png

| >>935774 omg michael works yay! :D

| Michelina twerks!!!!!

| happy new year (plus new banners)

| https://files.catbox.moe/3ushum.png

| i found out what the adult swim logo font is and i thought this was a good idea. it's Helvetica Neue Condensed Black

| Sounds like fun, I'd like to try one out

| very nice

| dont know if anyone is still looking at this thread but ill cook something up in like 10 hours or so

made a couple

| >>946808 i like 2 and 4. Would be nice if at least one of those will be added

| Made some new:

| I may not be an artist, but seince this place has that pixel art athetic,i can send you this.


| dead chat. ver ysad

| >>946808 good old days

| >>860956 I finally saw the banner I made show up, thanks pref for believing in me

| i would be glad to contribute, my stuff is on the banner already anyway

| This should be better.
Took me some time to "remaster" first one from this post >>676104

| I use ublock browser extention to block banner CSS line to be downloaded with a web page, this is the first thing I do on any (image) board I come across.
I just wanted you to know that.

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