Song-chan Updates 2: Electric Boogaloo

| Last thread reached post cap. Here ya go. c:

| \o/ ~ ♡ ~ <3

| Ay Ay Ay

| Let's go!!!

| >Hello! This is the masterlist of those who want to donate!!

WVR.MOE digital copy of the cassette tape:

-(17 songs from our different /u/ artists including song-chan herself! The proceeds go to song-chan's bandcamp!)

Gofundme: https://gofund.me/c5ea5e34

Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/hiw0shi

Thank you g/u/rls so much!

| Hello!! Wanted to update you g/u/rls since it's been a while! The results from the last BMA is out and i'm still on remission! Yay! When i was diagnosed, they found around 70-77% percent. They only found 2.67% of blasts in my marrow now!! :) we've come so far! Aaaa

I'll be confined again (thursday next week), for my last session of chemotherapy!!! Final boss!! Let's go!!!!

| >>886658


| >>886658
Let's go!!!

| >>886658
Almost there~ Final bosses tend to be pushovers, you've grinded enough levels to just wipe the floor on it. Kick some ass, Song-chan~♡

| >>886662 thank you!!!

>>886667 let's go!! Let's put on our best maid outfits and get ready for battle!!

>>886668 thank you !!!!!!!! I'm going to do my best!! I won't let you g/u/rls down!

| >>887021
Maided up with cat ears on top we'll beat this as one!!!

| LETS GO!!!!

| Hello gang!! I am at home and unfortunately my family got covid and since i got exposed to them (even if my test says negative), i am in quarantine as my hospital refuses to admit patients with covid exposure. Thank you gurls so much for all of your support and im just itching to power through my chemo to get it over with lol

| >>889110 One extra hurdle, sounds like. I'm guessing you're doing okay, though?

| Been a bit since the last update. Hope everything's going smoothly for you, Song-chan ♡

| >>891625 >>889178 thank you g/u/rls. Yall are very sweet!

Here is the update!!
Hello!! I got confined the other day and just started my first dose of chemo for this cycle earlier this morning! Things are going good so far! Just feeling weak but nothing serious to write home about!!

Thank you for always checking in. We are so close to the finish line. I can almost see it on the horizon!!

| >>891921 ^.^ Glad to hear it's still going well.
Might be a sensitive subject, but do you know if this will affect your ability to sing, or play instruments?

| >>892021 hi!! I think it will. In a sense that i just need to practice again! Haha my doctor's pretty strict in what i bring to the hospital and she doesnt want me to bring anything that's not really deemed "necessary" so im unable to bring my ukulele or lesrn guitar.

Hopefully after my confinement i can get back to the swing of things and update new content again at my youtube channel! I need to be more active ;~;

| >>892083 That's a shame. Some ukelele echoing through the hospital halls would be a nice touch. Still, it's relieving to know that you won't lose that skill from this.

| >>892220 it would be! It's pretty quiet here.
But i wouldn't want to disturb the other patients haha

I'm going to have my last chemo session (through IV) today! In two days, i'll only have my oral chemo to take for the rest of the month and best case scenario, i've completed the chemo cycles i'll need!
I feel ill rn but i'm very excited!
Let's push forward with that indomitable human spirit!!

| >>892697


| Hello!! I wanted to update wveryone!!
I finished my IV chemo and am now currently undergoing the oral chemo one (with the midostaurin meds!!) We are halfway through the last battle g/u/rls and im so pumped for this chapter to end!! I really wanted to thank you all, especially those who still keeps on buying the /u/ playlist or donating ; v ; it means so much to me and frankly i couldnt have done it without your support.

| >>893775 you're doing it! good job!

| >>893775
I'm so fucking proud of you. It's almost over! Let's go!!!

| Thanks for the reminder on the fundraiser album. Was broke at the time, just picked it up.

| >>893904 this is so sweet. Thank you! ;~;
I hope you liked the tunes our artists put together!

>>893779 >>893816 thank you thank you!
The g/u/rls that are lending me their virgin powers are assisting me along the way!!

Update! As usual the chemo is working. My platelet count is literally at 14. If you are in the metro manila area and would like to donate blood, please reach out to me!! The current blood bank supply in the hospital im in is low. ; v ;

| Holup, what's your blood and wya in manila?

| >>895009 im an 0+ in NKTI in quezon city (⁠´⁠°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥⁠ω⁠°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥⁠`⁠)
You dont have to be the same bloodtype! We just need to give blood to receive it.

| I wish I could help! I live across the world ;(
I have weird disease-resistant O+ blood. The white blood cells are crazy and I've never gotten sick
If we lived near each other I would drive over for a transfusion after eating a mountain of food
Btw anyone doing direct blood donations to song-chan, eat a steak and drink a monster beforehand. Song-chan needs our energy!
Also, young blood is more cancer -resistant than old blood. It will make her younger too
Steal child blood for her!

| >>896481 you know what?? That's not weird i think that's amazing! You may not be able to donate blood to me but please donate near you if you can. I wish i had that disease-resistant blood though! My white blood cells became too protective and started fighting anything!

Update! My midostaurin session was over yesterday! We're all just waiting for my counts to go up so i can go home. Right now they said my hemoglobin is thin, and i might need a transfusion soon.

| So far i've had 2 blood transfusions! Both platelets that are 4-6 units each. I haven't had a transfusion for red blood but i think i might need it. The problem is the blood bank supply here in my hospital is running low. You can't just pay for blood. Blood needs to be given in exchange.

If there are still people in the metro manila area who's willing to donate. Please message me! Reach out to me on twitter, please! My username is hiw0shi !!

| UPDATE!! I'm going to get my last BMA operation tomorrow!! Once that's over, i can also get discharged from the hospital on the same day!! AAAA please keep me in your prayers!!Let's hope i'm still on remission and my operation goes smoothly!!!!

| Yes! Good luck tomorrow. It's gonna smoothly, you've got this down.

| >>897445
Last day let's fucking do this!!!

| >>897457 >>897462
I'll have another check up in two weeks
But im just aaa thank youu

| >>897693




| G/u/rls it went so well! I almost didn't feel the majority of it! Next week, we'll be able to know if i'm still in remission. I want to hug all of you!!

| Enjoy being home ~♡

| >>897817 thank you!! We just arrived and i feel like i can really rest my bones here!
I sincerely hope everyone is doing well.
Please drink water and stay safe. Also stay healthy!! Don't be like me lol

| I hope it'll stay away from you, song-chan!
Stay safe!

| Just wanted to say: Your Kroxldyphivc song lives rent-free in my head still. Hope you're doing well so far <3

| Update!! I'm getting my BMA results and an updated blood test tomorrow! Also a check up with my doctor on what to do next with my treatments since i couldn't go through with the transplant. Please pray that i'm still on remission!! Aaaa i just want to be normal again.

| >>899512 aaa thank you! I'm so happy people still listen to the old thread. I'm trying to look for the second song chan thread because there are also tracks there that i want to clean but i couldn't find them. :( If any of you g/u/rls have the link to the previous song threads, lmk!!

I also have a microphone now! The wire's grounded so the new cable is on its way.
I'm thinking of doing a 3rd song thread that i'll actually do since i have the time now! What do u g/u/rls think?

| >>899793 Do it, yes! We'll find the most atrocious words for you to sing about ♡

| Update!! Hey g/u/rls! I'm still on remission!! Aaaa my consolidation chemo is now over but i still have oral chemo i need to take for a year. (it's midostaurin!!) Although i'm happy that i don't need to get confined at the hospital anymore, midostaurin's side effects is still crazy.

I get this terrible headache that i need to sleep off (and this is WITH pre-meds) which means i still can't keep a job because i have to drink 4 capsules per day, every month, for a year.

| The cost of my midostaurin meds is around 1700 usd per month because we still get it from india. An average wage for an employee here is around 300 usd per month. I'm honestly going insane lol the government can no longer help us since this is private medication.

I'm grateful that i'm here and im so grateful for all of you but it just doesn't seem to end. It's really stressing me out.

| I really hate asking this but any donation helps! It's just impossible for us to earn that amount every month. I do art, too! Please commission me if you're able to.
I can (AND WILL) draw anything as long as it isn't discriminatory or offensive to others!
Thank you so much!

This is where i post finished commissions and where i accept requests:


| >>899908 lol i can't wait! It arrives later this month ; u ;

| >>900378
You g/u/rls heard her! Hand over your money to Song-chan! Commission Song-chan! Sell your home and give it to Song-chan!

| >>900384 nooo aaa pls dont word it that way omg haha now i feel embarrassed...

There is also a free way to support. I have a youtube channel where i post songs and covers. T-T please consider subbing if you like my stuff! Monetisation in youtube starts at 1k subs!! I know i have a long way to go... But what other day to start than now (⁠〒⁠﹏⁠〒⁠)


| >>900425
You heard her!!! Broke g/u/rls can contribute by running up those numbers!!! The g/u/rls with money (money that better be on Song-chans account soon) go run it up too!!! It's free, fun and helps your favourite g/u/rl out!!!
So get to it!!! This is an order!!!

| Subscriber #100, right here

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