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Where are you from people?
The truth about this app
Today on this special date. Let's have a debate
Spamming messages
汉语的学生's thread
The age old question
My affairs have been terrible for the last year
Why does Bunsen have a Beast
Tips for staying motivated and how to stay in shape?
danger/u/: kind of a domme tho...
The Official Danger/u/ Discord is Open!
Serious question
I'm doing my best.
im the dude behind centipede g/u/rl and dotto if you remember it, AMA
Is there any way to hide Youtube comments?
Walking at night
spent 4 weeks in a mental hospital w/o any access to the outside world, AMA
Fit g/u/rl with ponytail thread
I wanna right a script
I slept for 24 hours straight AMA
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