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i just cut my thumb with my pocket knife AMA
Today I'm gonna hack server AMA
Post it clipboard lol
I have compulsive buying disorder
Room Improvements
Should I date?
I see a 200% rise in AMA market. so i'm jumping in. AMA
I'm here for my annual month long visit
Vent thread
Does anyone else peel dead skin off of their body?
hey vsauce, michael here. did you know that
I think I'm either over stimulated or dissociating and I'm really scared
So apparently I am a Natural Leader
Dealing With Personal Demons
literalmente, someone tell me how to do spoiler and bold text on dangeru
Is it me or deep voice feels good?
How does one change their font color to green/lime on here?
It is I, Dana Zane
Is there some vpn that doesn't take 90% of browsing speed
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