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I'm sick, please cheer me up.
Hey r/ama, I'm the Redditor who got 'not guilty' on the murder of a fortnite normie, AMA!
Let's throw around some ideas we had for stories
feeling like shit danger fam
how ugly are you
I have betrayed my faith
How to deal with a cockroach?
I thought I've been making shitty threads
I keep not coming here for extended periods of time and I hate it
Turning my life into a VN
Should I feel bad for not having a social circle online?
Handholding v3
How did they make a weird child as me?
Danger/u/ appearing in my dreams
I'm losing my mind
Planning to be a cop in the worst city ever
I hate everyone
A thot asked me where I bought my checkerboard bag
the smug
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