our radio station - radi/u/

| yes!
it's finally here!

our brand new radio station, called radi/u/.
we play anything from chiptune, by synthwave to vaporwave!

join us at: http://radio.dangeru.us/

| Cool
Add a favicon pl0x


| added!

| oh neat

| Will it be implemented into the app?


| i don't know, maybe a new app for it altogether?

| this is probably a stupid question but when I open it it just makes the valhalla save noise and then is quiet.
is it supposed to play music automatically or do i have to do something?

| Click play.exe

| oh I'm dumb lol. this is really chill, thanks prefetcher-sama

| It's cool that the file changes to display the song title, but could it be highlightable so I could quickly copy/paste it to search for/download songs?

For example: DM DOKURO - garbagewave ~ ゴースト品質
Is the current song, I found it, but I had to get out a katakana keyboard converter, and if it just had the kanji/weird unicode alphabet it'd be even more of a pain

| Hmmm. Well I can just hit Ctrl A, that works I guess, although it also copys some other junk

| Anyway good radio station. Out of curiosity how many songs are loaded into it, or is it streaming from some online thingamathing source?

| I cannot get it to play, even clicking the play icon does not work. :o

| Is the sound slider all the way to the left?

| Does play.exe turn into stop.exe when you click it?

| if you want to save data or play it on vlc use http://radio.dangeru.us:8000/stream.ogg

btw: can you pls make the window smaller or add a button (like tiny - and + in the nav bar) to change window size. on mobile it's just a lil bit too big for my screen. :(

| hmm pretty nice

| >>28817
i second the notion for a radio app

| >>28888
Actually I think it should be implemented into the player, with an option to start either it or the ost during launch

| weird but so nice
i like it good work ;>

| >>28929 Agreeing to you. You have fake OS, it would be a lot easier if /u/nited had another "app".

| >>28966
I don't understand what you're saying

| >>28982
probably talking about the app which has "apps". get it? no? come on

| >Not a pinned thread on /mu/
I dislike when things are miscategorized.

| Who am I kiddin' though, if this was pinned on /mu/ it'd never be seen.

| there is already a radi/u/ general on /mu/, though no one posted in it

| >>28982 He is taliing about Danger/u/ app that was once called /u/nited.
“Fake OS” i assume is interface of Danger/u/ app?

| Cool

| Thank you.

| This is interesting, thanks.

| The perfect thing to block the voices inside my head.

| pretty good

| I'm coming on the boardfrom time to time and I'm always fucking amazed looking at how more awesome it becomes everytime

| after listening to it for a week, i feel like saying that it needs a wider playlist.

| bumping this thread :^)

| fuk u

| Add something by Savant or DJ Clonepa, they're good.

| add songs plz

| >>32020
...do you happen to be polish?

| Pretty good musical crap streaming to waste my time while i cry alone in the night because i'm alone.

10/10 definitively. Keep up the good work!

| Nice nice just found this app on fdroid. Like the radio as well! If it becomes a separate app I'll make room on my phone for it

| ^ yep. pls make it happen, our dev overlords

| This is really really good. But how do I listen to this? I've tried to type the link into the browser but weirdly it does a bing search for "radio danger"

| Oh never mind, on the pc browser, if i click the link from here instead of tiping it, it goes just fine :D really good radio station I must say


| >>34414 you've probably typed in radio.danger.us and not radio.dangeru.us

| mine does a google search for 'dangerous radio'



| Just wanted to say that I love the radio. Really good job at making it!

| Yes, yes. This is cool. I love you all.


| is the app ready yet?


| soon

| a few bugs left and it's ready

| >wait how does one change song?

| >>39489 uh, you cannot really change songs in a radio

that's how radios work

| Damn, that makes too much sense

| i always have the radio on, thanks for the music

| This is really fuckin neato



| radi/u/ has been accepted on TuneIn Radio!

you can now listen to us there!

| ooh~

idk whats that but that sounds nice

| hows that app
i love using TuneIn app, but I can't see the song name there

| Be glad you can;t see the song name, it's usually nsfw. Also, the station was good at first, but now everytime I open it, it's just the phrase 'do what you want' on continuous loop with a heavy auto-tune filter. No thanks.

| Pretty neat
Interface could use a bunch of improvements, but it works well enough.
But the songs playing right now kind of suck

| You should play more chiptune tbh

| sorry if this is like off topic but sometimes the song by blank banshee called deep space come on radio and really hecking creeps me out i dont like it :(((

| I wish you could talk to people while listening or at least have the comfort of knowing there is some amount people listening with you

| That's what we're here for.

| Is there a song listing?

| Add Kawaii Future Bass, its good.

| Start with Dream Castle EP.

| Radio in app instead of vallhalla ost is a good idea too.

| Alongside* valhalla ost.


| There is a separate radi/u/ app somewhere. Ask prefetcher in the discord

| Why does my cpu heat over 60° when I am on tab with radio website? Do you use listeners for mining some burgcoins?

| radi/u/ uses less cpu resources than another similar radio player http://plaza.one, despite being pretty much the same on the frontend. might just be your CPU.

| > http://plaza.one
> radi/u/
60° instantly

| the site doesn't work too well for me. it always cuts out and doesn't come back. playing the audio stream directly with a media player works tho


| >>54322 check the js yourself, we have no mining scripts, only ones for managing playback

| I mean, if you guys implemented Joji on that radio, hell I would pay yo

| Damn, came here and found danger/u/ boards AND radi/u/
Made my day.

| wow this is great!

| The heck is this? -Omega

| This is a great radio feed. New daily listener! Thanks guys!

| Wow, this is nice. AND It can be minimized. Awesome.

| >>28785 Is there an app, OP?

| I have is as my wallpaper with wallpaper engine now

| I'd love to see an app store for this app, where you could make an AOL type messenger app, or a radio station! Or you could submit custom themes, and maybe get them added into the app!

| >>68442 that would be the greatest thing ever..
Please do this.. I want a whole 'open source' eco system around this app. Where everyone can make a Radio Station, funny games, little aesthetic art apps, chat rooms, etc.


| okay, should there be an app for radi/u/ or not?

| >>71497 if it's not too much work! Also, please visit the 'What is this song' thread /mu/, we need your help.

| >>71497
i would run it on the background all the time until it becomes repetitive and delete it prly but sure

| There needs to be an app yus

| In fact their needs to be a download for computers older than windows 7

| >>80916 this too
yes please

| the radio player seems to freeze up on me from time to time

| >>71497
Yes pls.

| >>71497
Yes PogChamp

| The website and the .ogg aren't playing anything, is it just me?

| Hey I haven't checked this in a while, are there more than 2-3 albums now?

| You can add this radio in app! Or for download. This is just flash program?

| This radio is amazing

| It would be great if it was built into the Android app

| It played one song and then the Reese's Puffs rap started playing

| Love the radio, but can't play it on my Android :(

| i forgot this site has a radio

| >not putting the radio into the main app but just under the music player

| Music is neat!

| Is anyone else unable to connect to the radio? At least on the website, not sure about other things.

| >>128657
It works fine on PC, not sure if it works well on the app though.

| >>128657 Ok, whatever it is, it seems to be just me, because tor works, but firefox doesn't, so in case mods see this, don't worry, it's my end.

| Holy shit the music choice is good

| Здаров собаки

| Тред летит так быстро, что никто не узнает, что ты...

| >>133896
Что ты Russhen pig.

| Y no https? Not even Let's Encrypt?


| >>140012
if you'll tell me how to pass icecast via ssl then i'll do it

| Love your radio! I added it on radio-browser.info so we can listen to it on phone too. :o)

| good music man 

| >>140451

tl;dr: proxy via nginx

| >>145366
Related: https://bytesandbones.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/icecast-with-https/

| Can we suggest songs and artists to add to this station? I've been listening for this past week and I love it.

| >>148289
We need more songs, I love this radio but I'm tired of listening the same 20 songs everytime

| >>148410 it more then 20!

| >>150725
I know xD I was exaggerating

| Radi/u/ down?

| Heey g/u/rls, I totally miss the radio

| I really dig this

| I usually have radi/u/ for my wallpaper engine and its works really well, but I agree that there need to be more songs added and no more "Reece's puffs" please!!

| I cannot play it... I press play.exe Maybye I am stupid, but what should I do? Help please

| Glad to see someone actually using vorbis formats. Now if only vorbis became the norm.

| >>162561 What does this mean? do you implement the radio into your wallpaper? or do you just play it while using the wallpaper?

| Any chance for local /u/ artists to be featured?

| Whenever the music ends, I need to reload the page so it countinues playing. Any help with that?

| Holy shit, this is some good stuff. Nicely done.

- HB

| You gonna add some more instrumental/non-vocalist stuff to the mix? Maybe have a few different channels?

| Awesome! Quick to access, easy to use


| >>172406 yeah
send your music to [email protected]

| on that note, i should probably start redoing the ui a bit as i kinda had some plans but then forgot

anyways if you want some artists to be added just use the e-mail i supplied

| Hola °<° ?

| It works in a background! Better than youtube ;-D

| >>0ac40f >>0ac40f >>0ac40f

| >>2450b3 >>2450b3

| >>210891



| >>210891 >>0ac40f

| >>252961 >>184096

| I. Love. This.
I drive for my job, so having this to listen to keeps me fucking sane. Sure, i have the car radio, but it never has music like this. I can't wait to see just how it evolves over time.

| wow ;) I love thins kind of music every single nice work time keep up :3

| Doesn't play anything, tried on different devices. What am I doing wrong?

| >>273987
You have to press on play.exe

| >>274171
I did. It does not play any sound. In fact, it does not react even if I press stop.exe

| >>274279 Try playing this: http://radio.dangeru.us:8000/stream.ogg ? That's the stream file of radi/u/, so I guess that even if the site doesn't work properly on your browser you will be able to play this file.

| I got some stuff that could fit into this radio thingy, could I send someone a demo and we figure something out?

| eelya if youre reading this youre a fag. also nice news.

| У меня большой хуй

| Can you toss in some bitch'n Electro Swing too?

| How can i put this radio in my Windows Media Player?

| >>370953 with sheer force of determination

| some of the background loop pretty poorly

| Not bad, although it loads a giant page on Mobile. Nice UI design.

| >>f40241
В мене теж.

| >>ad131d всем посрать

| Nice radio,thank you for that good work

| So like... Did we ever get an app?

| Hey this song is from the Spectrobes game isn't it?

| ebin XDXDxDXDXXXddd

| So um.... Can we have a page to suggest songs to add? I don't want to completely fill up your Gmail inbox...


| This is so fucking amazing. Thank you.

| >>28785
this is really cool! If I ever get around it I'm gonna create an cyberpunk/comfy imageboard but with my own designs to it like a radio and stuff

| Perfect!

| cool! thanks prefetcher daddy :D

| Is there any way to see a list that shows all songs that are on radi/u/

| Asking if you could make it possible to copy the name of a song as well.
Other than that, amazing website.

| hey janitor... can you delete https://dangeru.us/tech/thread/533958.... please

| >>533995 why would they

| >>533995 reread the thread title. This is a thread for the radio station. You were looking for the Awoo Testing Grounds.

| Well that ended quickly.

| no!why!

| it's me or the radio isn't working?

| Please come back ;_;

| Q~Q


| radi/u/ is back up!

| Nice

| good, now I can sleep in peace again


| Sorry for necro, but why does it keep stopping until i refresh the tab, when i attempt to change the volume?
Using vivaldi.


| Sooooo...Is there an app or something or do I have to keep it on my browser??

| Please add more clickable buttons!

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