Dangeru.me Thread

| Fancy your own website? If you're a back of danger/u/ on Patreon at the Stella tier ($10 USD/month), you can get dangeru.me as a subdomain.

Be sure to check out https://www.patreon.com/prefetcher for details.

| ok

| Ok

| Ok

| oh look it's a portal, so i'm gonna go in *jumps into portal*
wait, where am i?
wow, is that an military hydra? woah i must be in girls frontline
*starts doing fortnite dances*
I will kill you, military hydra *grabs HK416 and proceeds to shoot at the hydra*
i'm gonna marry a gun *smashes ump45*
*jumps back to the portal*
oh look, im back

| >>611403 welcome back

| mmmm giving money i need for food to some randos sure why not


| ok

| >>612128
wtf nobody forces you, idiot

| >>612128 give me your lunch food

| Is there a minecraft.dangeru.us yet?

I volunteer to be a mod

| >>633273 this
i'd love to see danger/u/ minecraft up once again but with keepinventory off

| the youngest minecraft anarchy server dageru

| >>615421 give me your kidney hoe

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