Being the best friend of the most social autistic group of the school.

| And it's the socially awkward type, in a we're doing our little thing in our own little world kind of deal. And i'm part of that, apparently. I'm supposed to have a really low level of autism, to point it's not really all that apparent, the autistic side of me comes and goes like the wind, hard to explain.
Point is! Having to hang around them is starting to become a bother- like yeah, i mesh well with them but only to a certain extent, the extend being "Okay, whatever is it that-

| -we're doing here, is starting to become embarrasing for me." But hey, do i wanna be the guy to ruin their fun? Hell no, i have nothing agaisn't them, they're good people. So i guess the plan is, how to healthly distance myself from them with no issues? They're pretty much attached to me cuz unlike most people at school, i give them the attention, the time, the respect that others dont. But that's the kind of guy i am, i don't exclude anybody, if you're nice, wanna talk-

| -Heck yeah then, i'm ears! I just need a little easy break though. Talk with different people maybe. I believe in the theory that talking with certain types of people for too long, has a impact on your "speech behaviour" let's put it like that. That all aside though, weather anyone has any tips or not, this is just me venting. Figured i needed to try this here, and hey! I feel like this is working. Thanks for reading. And have a good time.

| Yeah I was in a slightly similar situation and found there was no one there for me leaving a friend group I didn’t like, and now I live with my parents and mostly rot. But I have met some people on the internet recently. I think the’correct’ advice is to pursue your passions and just prioritize those over them, and let nature take its course.

| I can relate. There's at least one autistic dude I know, not super autistic but one can tell, who likes talking with me. I don't see him too often, on account of him having been in the year below me in high school, so talking to him has never really gotten to a point where I'm real tired, though, and I tend to like his conversation anyway.

| I also totally agree with how hanging out with different people will impact one's speech. Among other things, one tends to end up making certain phrases and patterns habit, for better or for worse.

| Though I think I for one get around it a bit by having an aversion to certain words (I never cuss, and steer clear from the more recent internet slang, which protects me from picking up a lot of canned phrases, now that I think about it.) and have a distinct enough way of speaking in any case that I try to stick by, for better or for worse.

| I had to deal with something like this back during HS, though the friend group was really misogynistic and kind of embarrassing to associate with. I ended up just cutting ties and getting new friends in the end.

| It's kinda sad to say but I did find myself socially missing out when with them. If you don't enjoy it much and do it out of obligation because you're nice that shit will rot.

If you're still in school join a club or something extra curricular.

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