So I got the game

| I mean VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. Can I play with Zangief?

| ? post elo

| L

| No but you can play as Dana if you get every single character wasted. Good luck! =)

| You'll unlock Luigi as a playable character once you beat the game once. He plays exactly the same as Jill does, except whenever you press the space key he jumps and hits his head on ceiling.

| So glad to see frequently hitting your head and body on things represetation clumsy girls-we are back

| >>1019002

| Zangief is in Va-11 Hall-A in spirit

| BRUH what is this game lmao! it's just texts on top of texts! it's a doki-doki-like??! I need to skip through so many dialogue before I can mix drink and go home to read fictional /u/ lmao XDd hawk tua

| >>1019364 Doki-doki-like. Hehe.

| >>1019448 Odds says that it'll get worse.

| >>1019448 >>101936funnily enough, I got the Monica banner.

| we have a monica banner?

| >>1019533 we do but it's /u/pass exclusive

| >>1019633 What is /u/pass?

| >>1019689 /u/pass these nuts around in your mouth

| >>1019689
>she doesn't know
Lurk more newg/u/rl

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