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List of Places to Find Free /v/idya.
Old MMO Emulation
Best online games for toasters
let's plays need to be stopped
Reminder, about N1RV Ann-A
Another fucking Fire Emblem sword-wielding character in Smash, Samurai why
<20$ keyboard with >6KRO?
FF XIV Road to lvl 50
va-11 hall-a on switch
Do any g/u/rls play on FightCade?
Half-Life series is free for 2 months on Steam
Things to keep in mind going to E3
Does anyone actually game with greasy hands
Bite of 87. Discuss
Your turn to die part 3
Fe3H: Cindered Shadows
Nippon Ichi Software/日本市
Yu-Gi-Oh thread part 2, magical cylinder boogaloo
Good Story Games on the Switch?
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