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E3 Hype/Predictions
Any Fire Emblem fans here?
You lost...
Anyone else excited for KH3?
Just finished Drakengard 3 [SPOILERS]
Times you died a little inside because something something in video games.
I love roguelikes, does anyone know of some obscure ones?
So what's your favorite controller?
The only game I play these days is Minecraft. Any suggestions for other open world sandbox games?
Steam deleting H-VNs
R6 pro league
Black ops 4 wont have a single-player and their reason why is bs
Tree of savior players
Dark Souls Remaster
FEH Bride banner
Skyrim - need help
gba, nes or snes rom hacks?
Modding Oblivion
I'm hopelessly in love with Jill Stingray.
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