MicroWorks Out Now!!!

| MicroWorks is a fast-paced minigame-based TF2Ware-inspired online multiplayer party game built by prefetcher and noam! Complete microgames better and faster than your opponents to rack up points, or grasp the reigns of victory last minute in one of the many boss stages. With up to 16 players in a single lobby, 100 achievements to collect, over a dozen boss stages, and nearly 150 different ways to test yourself in the nexus, MicroWorks brings a new spin to retro inspiration and is sure to be jam packed with fun for you and your friend group.

Check it out on Steam:

And join the Discord:

| It's currently on sale for a ridiculously low price for the Steam Winter Sale, so pick it up for all your friends while you still can. It's honestly a lot of fun, and I appreciate features such as Steam Workshop integration. They've done a bang up job, so check it out.

| Modchan, I'm sorry, I'll be honest, my eyes just skipped over all the stickied, colored threads. I've only just now noticed this post. Gonna check the game out now

| Is this a new thread?

| >these requirements

| >>937643 git gud

| tons of fun with a group and i love the stupid-ass workshop cosmetics. shame the public lobbies are so dead

| >steam

| hi

| Я парень

| >>936955 right? they should make new stickied thread have gay colors or something for like a week


| MicroWorks is Free to play now!!

| does it work on microsoft

| >>44f808 no, only microhard

| >Micro

| So it doesn't work on Microsoft?

|  ブーン  /⌒ヽ
⊂二二二( ^ω^)二⊃
    |  /
     ( ヽノ
  三 レレ

| dis game is gasssss bro

| Fall guys fps

| >>958852 macrohard more like

| cool game

| Looks cool

| g/u/rls i played and its actually a good vidya

| :0

| will speak to my bros and get some on later to try, looks like fun

| Looks good

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