Old MMO Emulation

| I'm making this thread as a reference for finding some old game that is probably dead or just changed a lot and for g/u/rls who wants to get the good ol nostalgia, i'd love some contribution!

Final Fantasy XI - Nasomi
pretty much the old experience, i didnt enjoy it but the community is nice.

Mabinogi : Mabinogi Pro
Old-School Mabinogi with custom stuff, beware that the population is really low and that most of the dialogue is in japanese.
they have dab gesture

| Runescape - /vg/scape
Yes, the notorious hacker 4chan has made an actual version of 2007 runescape without Grand Exchange or any new content. note that they fucked with some of the dialogue for kekz

Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst - Epihnea
The servers had shut down and people had decided to revive it. There are more alternatives but this one seems to be the closer to the original

| Not an MMO but the online card game Sword Girls still have a running unofficial "port":

| Final FantasyXIV-damn good work,SE

| Rusty Revolution, project reviving Rusty Hearts. Not finished yet, but its getting closer.

| Star Wars Galaxies is alive and well:

| CP Rewritten/CP Online. Club Penguin must stay alive.

| Toon Town also lives, in spite of Disney:


| Ancient Cyberpunk MMOFPS Neocron amazingly still retains a community https://www.neocron-game.com

| Ragnarok Online???

| Tibia Online

| I've noticed that some g/u/rls has started playing blue burst, glad that i found something that you g/u/rls can enjoy.
Anyways i noticed that there's a ranged female class that resembles dorothy a bit: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/phantasystar/images/c/c9/Elenor_Camuel.jpg

>captcha says cunt spica peals

| What the fuck?
Dorothy was a thing before 2016? i'm quite confused now

| >>548982
They're probably referring to The Big O's Dorothy.

| .hack//fragment has a private server

| Is there any Digimon Battle Online server? I haré korea ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭

| >>548982

>Paradigm City

That's a Big O fan website, lol.

| Need for speed World had a private server when I last checked. You can even host one to play locally.

| >>549862 >>549046 Makes sense

>>551670 it even has multiple servers so you dont have to worry about ping

I think there is a private server for battlefield heroes, gonna search it for nostalgia's sake

| Battlefield Heroes - RisingHub
Seems to be active (122 players as of now) there are a variety of servers so ping shouldn't be a problem

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