Old MMO Emulation

| I'm making this thread as a reference for finding some old game that is probably dead or just changed a lot and for g/u/rls who wants to get the good ol nostalgia, i'd love some contribution!

Final Fantasy XI - Nasomi
pretty much the old experience, i didnt enjoy it but the community is nice.

Mabinogi : Mabinogi Pro
Old-School Mabinogi with custom stuff, beware that the population is really low and that most of the dialogue is in japanese.
they have dab gesture

| Runescape - /vg/scape
Yes, the notorious hacker 4chan has made an actual version of 2007 runescape without Grand Exchange or any new content. note that they fucked with some of the dialogue for kekz

Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst - Epihnea
The servers had shut down and people had decided to revive it. There are more alternatives but this one seems to be the closer to the original

| Not an MMO but the online card game Sword Girls still have a running unofficial "port":

| Final FantasyXIV-damn good work,SE

| Rusty Revolution, project reviving Rusty Hearts. Not finished yet, but its getting closer.

| Star Wars Galaxies is alive and well:

| CP Rewritten/CP Online. Club Penguin must stay alive.

| Toon Town also lives, in spite of Disney:


| Ancient Cyberpunk MMOFPS Neocron amazingly still retains a community https://www.neocron-game.com

| Ragnarok Online???

| Tibia Online

| I've noticed that some g/u/rls has started playing blue burst, glad that i found something that you g/u/rls can enjoy.
Anyways i noticed that there's a ranged female class that resembles dorothy a bit: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/phantasystar/images/c/c9/Elenor_Camuel.jpg

>captcha says cunt spica peals

| What the fuck?
Dorothy was a thing before 2016? i'm quite confused now

| >>548982
They're probably referring to The Big O's Dorothy.

| .hack//fragment has a private server

| Is there any Digimon Battle Online server? I haré korea ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭

| >>548982

>Paradigm City

That's a Big O fan website, lol.

| Need for speed World had a private server when I last checked. You can even host one to play locally.

| >>549862 >>549046 Makes sense

>>551670 it even has multiple servers so you dont have to worry about ping

I think there is a private server for battlefield heroes, gonna search it for nostalgia's sake

| Battlefield Heroes - RisingHub
Seems to be active (122 players as of now) there are a variety of servers so ping shouldn't be a problem

| SMT Imagine anyone?

| Any of you have info on servers for Steel Battalion...?

| Anyone remember Fusion Fall, the Cartoon Network mmo? Apparently there’s a different, much worse game using the same name, but as a kid I sunk hours into it. I haven’t played many other mmos so I’m not sure what to compare it to but it had real-time rpg elements and light Janky platforming.

| >>553385 there is a private server of SMT imagine. But last time I check, it is still in japanese. Plus, the game is grindy as fuck, if the admin doesn't up the xp/expertise gain, there is no way I am doing the grind again.

| I wonder if theres a private server for Master of Fantasy

| >>558008 Is SMT imagine good at all?

| >>558549 well, story wise it pretty much use the SMT setting and make up their own plot. You don't miss anything from SMT (plotwise) if you don't play SMT Imagine.

Battle wise, I usually compare it to raidou kuzonuha games. Except that dodging is not that viable/spammable in Imagine. Also it has a lot of spells and weapons than raidou. But I feel like the fundamental battle system is the same.

| Balance wise, it sucks. It was a pay2win game, 90% of top tier weapon and armor can only be gotten by using premium currency.

A popular boss battle requires 4 players and 1 healer to beat up on in for 10-20 minutes. Yes, if you are a damage dealer all you do is press one button for 10-20 mins.

If you are looking for PVP, then don't. Because players can use premium consumables that increase attack for 50% or decrease damage taken by 50%.

| >>558704 Wow, sounds extremely unfair to me. I'll think about playing it, but only to test it out.

| >>558798 eh, you can no longer buy premium currency now that it is run in private server. So it shouldn't be p2win anymore. If you can read japanese you can try try it out. But it is still grindy.

| >>7201d0 Used to sink my tits into that game too. It was wonderful while it lasted.

In case yall didn't know, there's a fan-made version of it out.


Its basically like its former glory. Platforming, fighting evil versions of CN characters, journeying open-world. Pretty good.

| Private servers have popped up for City of Heroes recently.

Currently they are running a custom version of the game (with lots of questionable design decisions made by people who had run a hidden private server for years), but there are people working on cleaning up a version of the last official version of the game (issue 24, which has been on test servers before the game shut down), and that should be ready in a month or so.

| Glitch (the game) RIP

| Runescape (Again, but 2012) - Darkan
For theae who are new to RS or don't like 2007 Runescape's potato graphics and lack of convenience will probably want to play this instead, population isn't too high tho

| City of Heroes - COH: Homecoming
Having the source code widely released a few months ago caused a lot of revivals to appear, there's a lot of them but this one is the most active.

| Worms Armageddon is 20 years old and there's still people who play it. Team17 no longer hosts it, a dude named CyberShadow hosts the game by himself. The server has like 60 people at its fullest, but that's more than enough if you want to play like in the good old days.

| >>583586 Nice to know, I used to play a lot of Armageddon back then.
>3 captcha attempts

| Hi

| I would love to play Master X Master but it got closed

| You can play RuneScape

| >>551670 how do you host nfsw locally? Is it through the launcher, or what

| Shutokou Battle Online, an MMO racing game that never got out of beta (iirc it only lasted a year before Genki shutted everything off)

if you're a fan of Tokyo Xtreme Racer / Shutokou Battle series this game is worth trying

game is still in alpha state, not everything works but it has exploration, time attack and versus working fine.

| Someone knows something about Fantasy Earth Zero? A private server or something...

| >Old School Mabinogi
Is this a joke?

| I really loved Cosmic Break, but it had a rough decade in the west, but surprisingly, only last year were the american servers shut down. Only the JP server exists and it's barely hanging on.

I'd kill for it to be popular again

>maybe rib rick

| Been playing some Metin2 on a private server called Aeldra. Seems pretty fun so far.

| any news on a Tabula Rasa private server? or are they still getting cease and desist every time

| How about http://aurakingdom.to
Does anyone here play on Aura Kingdom's private server?

| >>613969
Metin was my shit back in the day.

Aura Kingdom too.
Shame I don't play anymore.

| >>616247
Yeah, same. I more or less quit because of how dead the game was. I just felt like I was grinding away for nothing. My girlfriend wants to keep playing but I have tried to tell her. I just can't force myself to play anymore until the game gets better or more of a playerbase comes into the fold. It's not a bad game in the least though and it's pretty good. I'm pretty surprised nobody has flooded it since the "loli" update.

| >tfw Burning shutdowns all his private servers like Burning SoulWorker all of a sudden
Still hoping for another SoulWorker Private Server, but I might as well just play in the JP server since the publisher behind NA has been known for being greedy.


| I wish wildstar was alive.

| >>626118 I had it installed for months but never played it :(

| >>b3fdd4
This, CoH is a nostalgia even for people who never played it before it died--it's a true time capsule.

| Понимаю

| I might not be really retro, but if anyone knows about a classic TERA server in NA that would be awesome. Honestly, I don't play TERA since the patch after Wonderholme, because all went downhill from there, IMO. It used to be a very fun, challenging and party encouraging MMO, now you can solo almost everything and kill every world BAM with a few shots. It's awful.

| S4 league

| fusionfall... haven't heard that name in years

| >>651935????

| Понимаааааю...)))

| Defiance?))

| 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01100111 01101111 01100100 00100000 01100010 01101111 01111001 00101001 00101001

| >>691199
you forgot an 'o'? what is your post about?

| Wildstar.
Its not that old, but its a true masterpiece. Someguys trying to revive servers after official shutdown.

| >>543497
Tried it after seeing it here, love the atmosphere of the game, even if the player population is a bit low

| >>551799
>Downloads launcher
>Only one server has over 200 players online
>Tries to register in the most populated server
>"Link using Discord in order to register"
>Does so
>Wants my permission to access my email and join servers on my Discord account

Why is it that game servers with the most sketchy verification/registration are the most active?

| BTW I heard that burning soulworker is coming back, you guys might be interested.

| I really wish there was something for Firefall

| >>589625
Please, I want to play it so bad

| U can run a Metin2 server on a freebsd virtual machine there are a ton of server files online that u can download for free

| Halo Custom Edition is awesome

| >>651935 https://xero.gg
There are more but I don't remember the names.

| :^)

| Join us in Project: Gorgon!:3


| I wonder if somebody tried to revive Ghost Recon Phantoms, that game was fun as hell

| I found an issue with windows xp in a VM
You gotta turn off I/O acpi or whatever otherwise you'll get audio skips

| I've been meaning to check out the private server stuff for City of Heroes sometime. Does anyone know how that's going?

| Amogus best mmo

| ඞ

| People are working on a fan run Monster Hunter Frontier under the name MHF Cappuccino, not done yet but worth keeping an eye on

| >>8b7ae1 you can pretty much always find a group for the first dungeon and you can find groups for high level content but anywhere between you'll likely have to solo unless you make/have friends

| Anarchy online is still alive for some reason, and slowly getting moved on a new engine.

| S4 league has a private server called S4Max.

Shin megami tensei imagine had a private server called RE:Imagine

| >>787699 has*

| If you wish to get some RO experience again, there's the pserv NovaRO. Probably the last correct bastion with lots of players.

| The Melding Wars is small team whom are current reversing Firefall.
Current state is a very basic local server that just allows you walk around in a single area (last i checked). They are making some neat tooling though.

| >>589164 Look for Need For Speed World[build-1613][offline-1.9.0].exe on tpb.

| cool

| sick stuff

| seconding this. private server devs please. >>559733

| typo. meant this post. >>717079

| Another good FFXI private server is Wings. Has more content than Eden and it doesn't allow multi boxing. It's fairly new too so it won't be too difficult to get into it and level

| I didnt played much games cuz in my country mom and dad from middle class are too strict... Even a lil bit of gaming can lead you to faliure... And the ps or xbox is too costly... Not had any opportunity X(

| Вкатимся сюда попробовать пообщаться?

| Итак, действительно хорошая идея, мы пребываем сюда, чтобы проверить это, уважаемые лица и Личности.

| ♀

| Сап Двач

| Никого нет

| Я мать твою ебал, сестру твою ебал, кирпичами им голову разбивал, блять, с балкона сбрасывал, переворачивал, опять ебал, потом твоего отца в жопу ебал, потом заставлял твоего отца ебать в жопу твою сестру сука, и тебя, пидораса блять, заставлял это всё смотреть, а потом говно жрать общее, то что понасрали все твои ебучие родные, блять, нахуй иди.

| What the hell the russians took over this bread :o

| >>#549102 just wanted to say that the entire franchise this is based on is basically old mmo feels
Very good recommend it a lot

| >>#942340
Huh didnt know how that worked

| >>938948 Ты больной?

| Hello everyone. Nice board :3

| Would be nice to know if there is a Kingdom Under fire 2 server around

| >>647845 seconding. knowing about tera private servers would be nice. I've looked around but didn't find any reputable posts.

| Ragnarok Online, forever the GOAT

| >>542415 Nasomi is dead apparently
Check out HorizonXI instead, 1000+ players

| Just popping in to say Free Realms Sunrise exists in development

| Megaten Imagine Online have one outserver in discord

| >>938657 understandable,have a great day

| Can confirm HorizonXI is popping. Over 2k active players daily and no dual-boxing allowed

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