N1RV Ann-a is Being Indefinitely Delayed (1/12/2020)

| https://sukeban.moe/index.php/2020/12/01/nirvana-delay-en/

Many of you might’ve noticed that N1RV Ann-A had a projected release date of 2020 and that we’re at the end of 2020 with no announcement of any kind about that.

Well, the short of it is as follows: For the time being we’re changing N1RV Ann-A’s release date to an indefinite one and we’ll start shifting our public push towards other projects. N1RV Ann-A’s production won’t stop or slow down but it also won’t be our main promotional focus for a while.

Or for an even shorter version: N1RV Ann-A’s release date is now WID (When It’s Done) and we might have other projects to announce in the coming months that will come earlier than N1RV Ann-A.

Now, I could just leave it at this, but many of you might have questions. Why is this happening? Did the other projects cannibalize N1RV Ann-A? Is N1RV Ann-A being put on hold even though he just said production won’t stop?

So let’s talk about that shall we?

Let’s start with the most basic one: Why is this happening in the first place? After all we’ve shown demos at events and talked about how the game is gonna be.

The first falling of the delays fall squarely on my field. When N1RV Ann-A started production back in 2017 as the framework for another unrelated project that also needed a lot of text to be processed, it was still Kiririn and I handling things, so we kept work as we did during the VA-11 Hall-A days. As time went on and a lot of life-changing events happened I refused to relent control of the code even though we now had extra hands programming to help us with everything. The result was that I was heavily burned out while still insisting on being the sole programmer, the progress was really slow at this stage as a result.

How slow you ask? When I finally relented control of the code for the game to be rebuilt from scratch at the beginning of 2020 our programmer was able to rebuild everything I had done up till that point through explanations in about a month or less. With another month he was able to add a lot of missing features I outlined but wasn’t able to code in a timely manner.

With this you might be wondering why we didn’t make any faster progress. After all, if the framework was ready you just had to put stories in it. And the answer to that is creative differences. Thanks to circumstances I won’t go into detail here, there was an internal conflict on how the story should go. Ironing out those problems took time but the end result is a version of the story far better than anything we had previously envisioned.

As of the time of writing this post we have a clear idea for what the plot is and how it should go, and we’re taking steps so that we can restart production in a more formal way instead of keep doing things like in the days of VA-11 Hall-A where we did things as they came. More control means easier planning of a schedule which will be crucial if we want to accomplish all the big things that we want to do with N1RV Ann-A both in and out of the game.

However, you may be wondering, “Why change the date to WID instead of giving a clear one if you intend to have a tighter schedule?” The reason is that due to all these uprootings of the project, it has effectively been reset on many fronts. There’s much to be done before we can have any sort of public estimates. Date announcements or announcements of any kind for that matter probably won’t happen until we’re at the final stretch of the project. However, rather than go fully radio silent we intend to use stricter planning to be able to be more transparent during development and provide regular updates on the state of the project; it’s just the release date that will be undisclosed for a while.

A question this may bring to mind is, “Wait, you mentioned other projects. Did those cannibalize N1RV Ann-A?” Not really. Sukeban Games now consists of at least 6 people and we have enough resources to subcontract duties as needed. One of said projects was even started on the side during the period where I wouldn’t relent control of the code, a period where no progress in N1RV Ann-A could be made outside of myself because I was effectively holding it hostage and people gotta keep themselves busy.

Even with at least two side projects in parallel, we have enough breathing room where N1RV Ann-A won’t be compromised by a lack of attention. I’m technically the head writer and planner of this project and only this project, so during this planning phase no resources are being diverted away from N1RV Ann-A. When the time comes to move to another stage of development we can focus our resources accordingly depending on the current stage of each project. It’s our utmost interest that we don’t spread ourselves too thin.

And personally the last few months I’ve been learning how to pace myself in order to get back into work habits that aren’t dependent on periods of crunch and burnout but rather steady and constant work. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and this link needs to pick up the pace.

This is the part where I apologize on behalf of the team but especially myself. N1RV Ann-A’s production has been a complex beast full of even more growing pains than VA-11 Hall-A. I’ve been on a personal journey of self-improvement during its production and while I can say me, the team, and the project are in the best shape we’ve been in quite a while, time waits for nobody and it is now the end stretch of 2020 with the project at an earlier stage than it should be.

This I can promise you though, the next time you hear publicly and loudly of N1RV Ann-A it’ll be unforgettable, and when the project is done the wait will be worth it.

Until then, and with my most sincere apologies to everyone that’s been looking forward to the game, let’s make this a trip where everyone can see the road we’re taking.

-Fernando Damas (IronicLark)

| Ouch.

| While it sucks that you guys have to delay the game im glad that ur making sure the end result is still a good game so i wish yall good luck on finishing the game soon enough

| Well, years ago one odd little name called my attention, and years later here I am.

I don't think anyone here would forget their love and loyalty to your work because of a time delay.

We hope good health for the whole team.

| Take your health serious, buddy. Of course we appreciate any progress on the game but no one wants to hear you worked yourself into a depression, burn out or a loss of your passion. I am glad to hear that you guys were able to stick together through this, I think Sukeban as a whole could grow from this and especially you from the sound of it.
Anyway I am curious to see what you intend to do with the game, just don't promise too much, okay? Don't pressure yourself too much.

| Well, I'm happy that you have improved the story better than it was ♥️♥️

| People replying like the dude actually made this thread

| At least it's not cancelled. I'm happy with just that.

| Now that's what I call "most anticipated cyberpunk game of 2020 got delayed".

| Please stay healthy and drink lots of water! Good luck on the game :)

| >>720587 >>4ce332
Yes, not Cyberpunk 2077 which is going to turn out so badly (have you seen the demos for it? lol)

| Given how this message board is still alive, I think we can wait a bit longer on the game

| >>721036
We're g/u/rls for a reason. That's because we kinda like the game and the universe that was presented. I waited some time, and I may wait more. Really, I'm just happy to see they're satisfied with the story they're delivering.

| Unless the game development is not cancel, I'll waiting.

| I'd much rather see a game be released complete and in a state the devs are proud of, even if the game is delayed a while, and especially if it helps the team grow and improve and stay healthy and happy. Too many games lately are being released in an extremely incomplete state to meet deadlines and release dates, so I'm more than okay with waiting.

| if im still posting on this memesite, i can wait for this game

| >>722625 preach gurl!

looking at you, cdpr

| It's okay man take your time

| hey as long as the game is great and the devs are chill im fine

| We can wait a bit longer, please don't rush

| :0

| It hurts, but we understand. I want this game to be the best it can be, with the developers being the best shape they can be in. Stay well everyone!

| >>8f9feb damn right! cdpr should've done the same while they had the chance. and they really need to curb their marketing team

| <3

take all the time to make it a gem. no crunch and no exploitation!

| All the time you need man, we’re here to support you guys.

Happy new year team Sukeban!

| I am hugging my Jill plush right now, thanks team Sukeban!

| It's a good thing they're delaying the game! More bugs will be found, more people will play the first game, and more people will buy the second one!

I've been telling all my followers to play VA-11 Hall-A, and they have responded positively.

More wait means more exposure, which means more total sales and more future sales for games made by sukeban!

| I hope danger/u/ will appear again.

| I really hope so too

| I hope that the Captcha doesn't need to come back

| 不啊啊啊,我的N1RV!!呜

| All gud Sukeban, take your time <3

| Day three quadrillion, still sad coz no N1RV Ann-a >_<

| Tbh game devs should always release their games when they, themselves, are actually satisfied with tje product they make. Games turn up waaaay better when u dont push deadlines ^^

| I really love u job, and will wnat tl know if there are any way on helping. I have already share the game with every one I know. And they love it. Really hype to see the new game.

| Bepis

| Better finished than on time

| Pain but understandable

| 没看懂,请问这是跳票了吗()

| Pain peko but understandable peko

| >>be98c4没错就是跳票了

| Cool. I never played Va-11 Hall-A, so now I don't have to miss out on two games!

| "custom cock" hehe now this is truly cyberpunk

| fuvk SUKEBAN lazy bastardss



| As long as it's get released sometime, it's all good.

| >>776117 oi don't say that, they're trying their best>:(

| >>790452 not hard enough>:[

| k,we'll wait

| Not waiting, but will play.

| :(


| I really hope they release this first and not the parasite eve inspired game. Been reading the devlogs and it's all they post about. Makes sense given it's a narrative game but not even progress updates.

Anyone got deets on what the old writer is up to project wise? Their not working on nirvana anymore and just posts about pictures of dolls and horsegirls. Can't imagine they're still riding on that Valhalla money.

| >>799719 neetbux + bitcoin lol

| it fine i can wait

| I recommend N1RV Ann-a go on sale as early as November 18, 2021 for the following reasons
1. Today is November 18th
2. I want to play N1RV Ann-a right now
3. I want to play N1RV Ann-a right now

| In a recent dev post they've mentioned the reasons for no info being uncomfy, even affecting the release if they talk abt it, so can't really do much.

I recommend you lot check it out, it's not nirvana but you still get a taste for the devs sensibilities.

Also pretty psx style pictures/video sometimes.
Search >>sukeban log

They try real hard but low key wanna make my own vn after reading through. Maybe even finish one before nirvana is released ;}

| https://log.sukeban.moe/2021/11/10/november-8-to-10/ >>805364 here's the last log about nirvanna. Click the category link at the bottom to see all the logs!

| I gotta say, no matter how long it takes, when it does come out it will still be welcome and we'll played.

| Does Sukeban Still plan on releasing any projects on 2022? Finishing Va11halla left me with a need for moody games...

| I'm still waiting on Va-11 Ha-11a Kids™ sequel. rip.

| please release soon i am waiting for it

| Currently playing through Va-11 Hall-A and was sad to see it's been delayed. Oh well, will play when it releases!

| it's real?

| 啥时候才能出来啊,都过了两年了还没有发售

| >>799719 so fer/ironic lark
what he's up to is business stuff according to their Twitter

There's a post about how their new programmer redid everything he did over years in a week or something because fer was burnt out so he handed that work over

is super quiet on Twitter but said that 'i don't know what I'm doing... Things are going well. The story and characters require a more experimental approach'

| honestly it doesn't matter how long n1rv ann-a gets delayed as long as it comes out as intended (quality-wise). a bad game is bad forever

| 猜猜今年会不会出?

| As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day.

| >>837815 not sure, but as far as I know, probably not

| It's 2022 now and I don't we've had a single thing about this game.

| >>848892 cope

| >>73a85f
Lies, on the developer website there practically weekly updates

| I hope all goes well. Cheers from Poland. Me and my cousin are waiting patiently.

| >>8c5edd
can you link it? cant seem to find the site

| Cool

| i love andreea

| I have all my hopes putted on them, wishing they won't do an overworked hole, lacking in history and ideas, making it just pure mechanics and visually appealing.
Just wait for it fellow g/u/rls. We will see.

| 5 years

| Hope theyre just taking their time rather than just having forgotten about it

| >>867893 imagine...

| OP here. I posted this thread 2 years ago.

I stopped holding my breath a year ago.

| >>870599 Truly the Kingdom Hearts 3 of our times

| Mating press

| 2004 was 3 years ago.

| The time will come, masterpieces take time to be done.

| You bitch

| >>870599

| >>870599 Hold my hand instead

| >>872887 don't get your hopes up. We don't want a 2077 situation. What we're going to get isn't going to be anything amazing. It's just that due to reasons out of their control, and some they could have avoided, such as by not working on three projects immediately after while barely and even then grudgingly hiring more people, it ended up taking longer than expected.

| >>e37497 Can't help. Also, I'm pretty sure I will love the game no matter what. Since I Stan for those old-scool pixelart vn-stylized games I will surely fall in love with N1RV Ann-a.

Just the artwork and the teaser songs stole my heart truly.

| Dorothy Stingray should be the main character

| >>15f680 True.

| Almost 3 years

| Play 2064: Read Only Memories while waiting

| >>cb2a50 pretty nice game with a TON of references to Va-11. Also, you get to know the secret characters from va-11 better, since they are from 2064: ROM

| 好耶!

| Any news on the game or no?

| Game is out!


| No it's not out. I just checked. >>930879 ur a liar

| So sad :(

| I will wait, I will go into hibernation

| >>889511 Jill x Dorothy is real!?!?!?!?

| Even if it takes a million years, I’ll never lose heart, I’ll always wait for you.

| Have faith lads, it's will come out sooner or later.

| Sooooo?

| Nothing.

| i still believe

| One day.....

| a

| :salute: we will be waiting......,,

| I'll die before launch

| Damn...

| Well sisters, it's time to pack up and leave

| still waiting... forever patient...

| >>931680 Jill x Dana better. I will die on this hill

| ill wait however long i need to

| >>958780

Jill x Sei gang rise up

| Hi, I am a waiter

| Waiting 4evr (I'm immortal?!?!) \(⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)/

| I'll be drafted before launch....
Too bad

| I legit had a dream that it was coming out soon... v_v

| Maybe your dream will come true

| Just keep replaying VA-11 Hall-A I guess. Good enough for now.

| >3 years ago
it's pretty much dead at this point right? please tell me I'm wrong.

| >>971949 check their blog afaik it's not officially cancelled and have reassured they're still working on the 3(?) Games they were developing

| >>971949 you're welcome to believe that but I'm personally holding out hope until it's officially announced as dead. Game development can be rough sometimes, and I don't need to be another source of stress for the devs

| its joever

| it's so joever

| I hope this isn't gonna be another cube world

| >>d3728b

| ive simply bottled my hope, placed it on the shelf, and am letting it age

not my primary focus, though not destroyed

va-11 was too impactful for me to give up on its successor, though i know if i obsess over it too long, i'll manage to burn out of something that doesnt even exist by the time it's ready

though, it's not joever

| I'd like to think Sukeban Games as some kind of Juan Rulfo of game studios. Va-11 Hall-a is a cult classic cause never pretended to be so. You can't force magic. If their only work is this, same as Rulfo, at least to me, is fine. There's no real need to a sequel. Va-11 Hall-a is such that staying as a sole game makes it even mythical at some point. And I think even they know that such thing was a lighting in a bottle. Best works of art can't be replicated.

>3 years ago
it's pretty much dead at this point right? please tell me I'm wrong.

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>>971949 check their blog afaik it's not officially cancelled and have reassured they're still working on the 3(?) Games they were developing

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>>971949 you're welcome to 

| still waiting, 5 months into 2024 ;-;

| >>1013752
c-can I be your video game while we are waiting together, senpai?

| >>1014292 I hope you like choking

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