| Holy god damn hoodly doodle this place exists?! Uh... hello people of danger/u/, i uh... come in peace. *sweats*

| You're 6 years late. This place was at its best back in 2018... Its been slowly getting worse and worse over the years...

| nah it was always shit but good people acknowledge it now

| >>1017877

| >>281379 No matter, i will make a habit of using this site for as long as my will may let me.

| >>aed532 Glad to be one of those good people then.

| >>281379 Enlight me with the truth dear user! This novice seeks facts and none but factual de-facto facts!

| >>1017891 start by using post number so we can see those (You)

| >>1017910 Like this? What exactly do you mean?

| Oooh i think i got it. Yeah, will do that.

| >>1017874 I'm peace

| >>1017919 =○

| >>d94587 remember to check /burg/ daily

| >>d94587 remember to keep the /burg/s in equilibrium, otherwise we'll all die

| get out. get out while you can

| >>1017928 It's too late! This site has me locked in>]

| >>1017927 real, I get anxiety and depression when /burg/'s numbers get chaotic

| Also, guys don't exist, everyone on the internet is actually a g/u/rl.

| Fuck normal burg post angry!

| *I* am a good g/u/rl and only post how I really feel with the b/u/rgz

Guys are a conspiracy theory to make you afraid and make less beautiful g/u/rls work terrible jobs like petroleum extraction. Say NO to guys

| >>1017927
Oh, you also realized that? Nice to know that also someone keeps it in mind!

| >>1018189
I mean that's just old board culture

| >>1017877
>implying danger/u/ was ever good

| >>1018218
Haters gonna hate, losers gonna lose.^

Most of us have fond memories of this site and the community surrounding it. It's a shame you don't have what it takes to join in on the fun.

| >>1018219
>most of us
you're the same dipshit who tells everyone they're samefagging whenever you don't like what they post
sit down

| >>1018223
Like you're doing right now? Did you get called out for samefagging one too many times or something, hater?

| >>1018227
i have a slight admiration for how well crafted the coping mechanism of 'everyone that doesn't like me on the internet is the same hater and/or a fsb gangstalker'. it's unprovable using its own logic so you'll probably get years of mileage out of it. as useless as it may be, i still feel obliged to tell you to kill yourself

| >>1018228
Except no one here is doing any of that. You're literally making stuff up and believing your own lies at the same time.

I'm not gonna deny that samefagging isn't happening on anonymous textboards or chan-likes. Not that I care, but denying apparent facts such as these is only something a guilty person would do because everyone else is clear headed enough to know that it's going on, especially when someone is trying to force a political ideology or hate/misery.

| >>1018228
If you truly aren't the same Loser who goes around and posts negativity like ">implying danger/u/ was ever good" and ">implying there are still smart people on this site" in _every_ other thread, then why are you getting so defensive on his behalf?
I think it's YOU who should go sit down and think your actions though instead of getting offended at literally nothings.

| >>1018231
>why are you getting so defensive on his behalf
i think you're an insufferable, discordbrained retard and that it'd be better for the board, the world and my well being in particular if you killed yourself
i don't know nor care who >>ab5418 is but god bless her

| >>41997c >>c38464
Can you two just fuck already

| Please don’t be so negative or I’ll cry. Let’s all pile into bed together and cum together ok?

| >>41997c *holds your hands* brilliant! But don't let them play you too much, stay positive gurl!

| RETARD FIGHTTTTT *ding ding ding ding*

| >>1018194

| ....what the fuck happened here while i was away?

| OP by the way.

| No

| >>1018348 we can see by your ID

| >>1018347 just the usual /u/ comfy moment

| >>1018351 don't be that gurl, OP clearly just wanted to emphasize her emotions

| I come in peace too!
I always do that when I come here anyways. I recommend coming in peace yeah.

| >>1018365 can I come in your peace? uwu

| >>1018364
wdym? OP is new so I'm just trying to be as hospitable as possible by explaining everything that she might not understand

| Another fight??! doki doki

| >>1018366
Kisses you. My cousin says I can’t say retard anymore, let me show you what shameless accepting lovemaking looks like ; )

| Hey OP, welcome to Danger/u/! Hope you find a nice spot for yourself here. Be sure to grab your favourite drink and keep it comfy while you browse and post. Don't be afraid to make new threads about your interest, and reply to existing ones. Glad to have you here g/u/rl!

| Cringe fake nice

| Excuse me! Where are the cookies???

| >>1018453
*opens my mouth full of crushed up cookies and wraps my arms gently around you, bringing you into a French cookie sharing kiss*

| *Pushes you away* *Coughs* I'm little bit picky about this, I really just for a small question of matters am asking you what's kind of ingredients are these cookies made of! Though, I admit that the serving is sort of, AHEM, too professional!

| Shokay ship *gooey cookie chunks fall out of my (cute) mouth as I talk, looking longingly at you

| >>1018453
on the DARK SIDE!!!

| So, where is my cookie part?

| please visit the timeline where the rp didn't instantly crash

| >fucks your mouth

| >>1017874
Indeed, you also can figure out an exemplar like this one:
>>7d9321 (see>>1018744)

| >>1018228 >implying the fsb was ever good after the reorganization

| So, what we should discuss here yet?

| Sex! I love sex!

| Gex! I love Gex!

| >>1019025 you should talk about why LDR won't work or talking anout cutting! I love those

| Man this post kinda blew up huh?>>1018417 but thanks though! I'll gladly use this site whenever i had the time on hands. So far my Danger/u/ experience has been quite minimal, i need be less afraid to post and stuff. But i love how faithful it is to the in-game Danger/u/ of Va-11, even down to the people here, weirdos and assholes alike. I dig it.

| >lurk exp meter.png

| >>1019046
LDR? What it means?

| >>1019121 large dick rendering

| >>1019123
Thanks for explain, but starting thing that would better do not ask about it. =_=

| You should talk about how much you wanna get violate, but refuse to post address because you have a roommate.

| >>1019162
I see that you are starting to "heat Jupiter" here, give up this stupid idea.

| >>1019194 wait, whats "heat Jupiter" mean?

| >>1019206
Imagine how much heat you will need to warm up Jupiter, however slightly, but essentially raise its temperature. If this "warmth" is extracted from the conversation here, how hot should it be here then? Especially from a certain part of the body of the participants in the conversation? [grins slyly]

| >>1017874 hello g/u/rl

| >>1019301 heyo

| >>1019301
Hello g/u/rl, from another g/u/rl.


| *kira*

| Miki

| Saber

| >>1019564 SEIBA

| ¡¡KIRA!!

| >>1019657
Yes, and Archer with Caster are powerful too.

| >>c38464
I'll be sure to never change my posting style then, considering how much it upsets you for no reason. lol

| >>1019660 MIKI!!!

| Lina

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