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/mu/ The music you are listening to?
/u/ i want to be gay!
/u/ tell me about your crush
/tech/ which distro is best for an old comp
/u/ Sex
/u/ If cat isnt superior than huamn
/u/ The next time someone tries to talk to me I will just scream at the top of my lungs
/v/ 2 years after its debut PS5 has only 7 exclusive games
/u/ America
/new/ Study shows cash transfers from rich to poor can increase happiness of the poor
/u/ Pedophile?
/new/ Iranian parliment voted in favor of genociding 15.000 innocent protesters
/u/ How much do you have in debt?
/u/ One of the hardest things about being trans
/d/ Favorite porn genres
/tech/ how to automate process of installing third party software on windows?
/d/ Subs or Doms
/u/ Song-chan could use some help
/u/ world is gonna end but yer still asked to breed and conquer it
/v/ Thoughts on the PSP?
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