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/burg/ burg
/u/ How are you feeling?
/u/ Why has this place been so quiet lately?
/u/ Both my exes make porn now
/u/ danger/u/ roll call
/mu/ Danger/u/ Sings "Losing My Religion"
/u/ Really Obscure Media Facts
/u/ "Ice breakers" to recover lost connection?
/u/ i legit could not find any recent memes funny, is it just me?
/d/ where to get boobs
/u/ i can't do this no more
/u/ Would you rather questions
/v/ Old PC Game Recommemdations
/u/ How to make successful social media
/v/ Opinion about new PS handheld?
/d/ welp
/tech/ AI
/u/ Goodnight Danger/u/
/d/ How to bypass twitter's age block?
/v/ Video games that are a suck.
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