*makes you go to hell*

| pzzzzzzzzh how did that feel like?

| nothing has changed

| It's cooler here! Thanks you!

| >>1019256 this

| >>1019275 the doomslayer has entered the chat

| *fucks your mouth*

| I've always wanted to know what it's like, having a law degree.

| >it's vivziepop's Hazbin Hotel hell

| >goes east to Detroit

| *cutely*

| *dodges*

| Religion is child abuse, I remember crying myself to sleep at the thought of going to hell

| OMG this is just like my favorite manga Divine comedy!

| >>1019855 Religion ain't child abuse, though to heavily instill the fear of hell in your kid as if that's your sect's main tenet most definitely is.

| >>7f90df someone is constantly watching you and judging you at all times of the day and night. And if you mess up enough you will be in eternal pain. If you told that to your kid they'd lock you up.

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