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/new/ Trump wears mask
/test/ LGBT
/u/ What can I do to become more approachable/friendly?
/d/ Relationship advice between an ace and a horny person
/d/ Cum from kiss
/d/ Healsluts
/v/ Bro Soulja Boy plays runescape
/a/ Tropes you hate
/u/ pain.
/v/ TF2 classic?
/u/ Causes for depression
/v/ So the US Army made an e-sports team and people are bringing up the war crimes they've done in the pass
/u/ Live in small rural place, how to meet new people
/v/ Enderal is just the evangelion of skyrim
/u/ Is it possible to be suicidal and be excited for immortality?
/tech/ Actually good PDF /reader/
/v/ Ringfit together
/u/ Why pepper sprays are not popular?
/u/ How was your day
/u/ Human Greed
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