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/u/ helpp
/a/ choosing
/d/ If someone wanted to have a threesome with you and your sister (and maybe even your mother) would you agree to it?
/mu/ knowing the exact melody/harmony to play
/d/ I am now going to masturbate viciously
/d/ I am now going to masturbate vicariously
/u/ Choose Your Own Adventure Games
/burg/ burg
/d/ Sexual Therapy
/u/ alright, so this is kinda really weird for me to tell
/d/ I am now going to masturbate victoriously
/new/ Why the creation of Israel may be one of the smartest act of Imperialism from the West
/mu/ Anybody here listen to RAV?
/u/ Danger/u/ has been kinda juvenile lately
/d/ Dohna dohna waiting room
/new/ Covid is probably causing Alzheimer's
/d/ Just woke up feeling extremely horny
/mu/ quickguessing, dumb and basic
/new/ Polish Trump Wall
/lain/ lead exposure
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