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/u/ Are Gryos just Lamb Tacos?
/cyb/ The Car Thread
/u/ I made a genuinely good card game and I'm not sure what to do with it
/d/ my cum jugs were found
/tech/ Why isn't Card Style working?
/u/ My dog peed
/tech/ Electrical engineering VS radio engineering
/u/ What's your favorite gun?
/u/ this dude in my discord server wont shut up about his ump45
/a/ I lost two friendships in one day.
/new/ Amazon Rainforest burning
/tech/ Jill is fuckin kawaii in gfl
/u/ I can't stand all this Suffering
/tech/ Special Module to Liquid Refrigeration on laptops
/v/ Storyline or side quests
/cyb/ /cyb/ decides what I drink?
/cyb/ Looking for someone who knows where to look for old tech.
/d/ My dog ate my little sisters panties
/u/ Is cereal a soup?
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