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/u/ Ihr spassten ist weg?
/a/ Miura's best friend will be finishing Berserk
/u/ Parasocial interaction is weird
/u/ Can someone explain?
/u/ how did u find this app
/new/ Pitler is the only man in the world who gives a single shit about the rest of the world
/lain/ What if there was a Lain prequel?
/test/ test test
/a/ i just rewatched lain
/d/ Nothing is hotter than beating up menhera
/v/ 6 New MegaDrive/Sega Genesis Games
/u/ Do not do drugs
/tech/ Yesterday's Winning Meme
/u/ Human interaction are cringe!
/u/ You're Teru teru bōzu (Sunny boy)
/u/ it's coming
/u/ Help me find my fav Tkmiz Illustration
/new/ Рutin
/u/ Dangeru extra comfy
/u/ hello
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