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/u/ Upcoming Twitter clone
/u/ you have become disgusting!
/v/ AAA games amiright?
/u/ Self Castration
/u/ Christian Humber Reloaded
/u/ Do not come! I'm holding back my power here.
/u/ sex lovers anonymous
/test/ furrack
/burg/ burg
/u/ Why is it so dang hot all the time?
/u/ this site is soykaf af
/u/ NNN
/u/ November 1st, time for christmas!
/new/ Trollfarms
/tech/ Linux is cool if you change your philosophy and things you're used to.
/d/ Talking about sexual stuff is hard
/u/ Cheating on my girlfriend
/d/ remember, its No Nut November
/v/ Optimisation can be fun
/u/ bibble
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