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/new/ sneks return to danger/u/
/v/ Old-School games!
/v/ Rocket arena
/u/ My dog ate my ethernet cable for the second time
/u/ Looking for some (any) books on neurochemistry
/d/ Can u help me find the name of a hentai!?
/u/ Japan brings VA-11 HALL-A’s bartending to life in two Akihabara bars
/tech/ Web devs are weird
/tech/ defmodule Hello do
/d/ Should Senko-san be lewded?
/u/ just an advice if you have a headache ♡
/u/ Um
/u/ what the fuck, mods?
/test/ Testsᵀᵉˢᵗ
/new/ IRL Va-11 Hall-A Opens in Japan
/new/ Brazilians can now legally buy assault rifles
/u/ starting a vintage clothes e-store to undercut the market
/burg/ burg
/v/ LISA
/u/ lol
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