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/u/ >milk
/d/ If you are thinking about confesing to someone, do it.
/d/ what's the deal with azur lane?
/d/ Things you want to cum on while wearing santa costume.
/v/ Hey, newfag here.
/d/ Best straight shota doujins out there?
/cyb/ (Event!) Yo does anyone know what this is about?
/u/ Gaslighting
/new/ Record breaking strike in France
/u/ is gunspinning integral to gun mastery?
/u/ post one video title from your youtube recommendation
/v/ graphics
/v/ why grind (bait)
/tech/ Social Medias that allows you to change css?
/mu/ Bad audio in music player
/burg/ burg
/u/ Awkward drunken depression
/mu/ Music recommend thread
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