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/u/ Dangeru
/u/ Today's poop:
/test/ Awoooooo
/d/ I can't help it.
/cyb/ I've made a sketch for my next novel's cover artwork
/v/ Has there been a game where it almost or destroyed your friendship with people?
/a/ anything to fill in the Slice-of-Life shaped hole in my heart?
/u/ My sister is obviously angry at me
/v/ Are there any games with crossplay between pc and ios?
/u/ INMU
/u/ Age Regression or DID?
/new/ Current thoughts on circumcision?
/u/ I'm sorry for saying sorry too much
/u/ Today's poop:
/u/ What is friendship?
/u/ Alternatives to masks.
/a/ Gettin into Fate series
/v/ Is Street Fighter V worth playing?
/burg/ burg
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