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/d/ fuckingbigtits
/a/ I fucking hate darling of the franxx
/tech/ Oversaturated CS Market
/u/ Whatever god decides, whatever it decides
/burg/ burg
/a/ Russia
/v/ pokemon leaks
/u/ i guess now
/u/ problems with anal leakage
/u/ Does not handle being controlled too
/u/ Feel unease my kind gusture get used again even after on the another side of the planet.
/u/ ⓛωⓛ
/v/ multiplayer yume nikki
/u/ wtb 1x hug
/v/ Some fucked up rpg
/v/ Some fucked up rpg
/a/ Witch of Mercury
/new/ do you gurls think in the "fall of the american empire" section of future history books they
/mu/ he made graduation
/u/ I LOVE GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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