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/d/ cute jp crossdresser
/d/ How to sex over internet
/u/ it's been months and i'm still waiting
/u/ utf8mb4 when??
/a/ Best anime you will never watch/manga you will never read
/u/ opinions on discord possibly being bought by microsoft?
/a/ Non-anime that look like anime
/v/ Uma musume
/a/ This thread represent my love for Anime! Hoowo<3
/u/ Yggdrasil
/v/ Sony is alledgedly closing the PS Vita, PSP and PS3 stores
/tech/ I hacked my nintendo
/v/ Arknights Thread Why Not
/tech/ i3+xfce
/d/ How to be horny
/u/ best way to get away with murder?
/new/ How much of a sham is democracy?
/u/ Do you or any of your relatives have schizophrenia?
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