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/v/ Best emulators?
/tech/ Arch + KVM-QEMU is glorious!
/u/ I got caught playing with my mom's butt
/cyb/ House party!
/u/ Anyone from Hannover?
/u/ Isolation is really getting to me.
/d/ Armpit hair is sexually suggestive
/a/ guys i feel lonely agaiiin
/u/ most shitpost are better than actual shitty post
/u/ what's being drunk like
/u/ Hey nerds, Lolis or Shotas?
/u/ Spooky name help
/u/ Insomniac NEET
/d/ Do you ever wish you had a dick?
/cyb/ Let's get emotional, eh?
/u/ ara ara
/cyb/ I found some gubbins and I have no idea what they are??
/v/ PS5 should be renamed to PS V8
/u/ my gf seems racist but i'm not sure about it yet, help
/u/ 日本人だけど質問ある?
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