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/d/ let's post dicks.
/u/ If an ambulances is on his way to save someone but runs over someone, does it save the guy or keeps going?
/u/ How does borscht taste?
/u/ Tyler, The Creator gsts FUCKING SUED by Boys Who Cry
/u/ Рибяяяттт!
/d/ suns out, tannies out
/mu/ Got to say that Joji iis pretty good at music
/cyb/ Could Red Mask be...
/tech/ NASA is cool
/cyb/ Got a weird mask in the mail
/u/ What have you been up to?
/cyb/ Do you think the water is making our boobs grow?
/cyb/ Help!
/lain/ Cyberpunk 2020 predicted 2020
/a/ Help!
/lain/ How will we die?
/u/ Cheap chat
/a/ Bobobo-bo bo-bobo
/u/ unu
/u/ Two good novels
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