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/d/ Teach me to typefuck
/u/ b/c pissy phones got the other thread deleted: WHERE2COP The good meds
/tech/ Google is cutting ties with Huawei
/new/ Is there anyone more pretty than Tulsi Gabbard?
/u/ Wut?
/u/ Maybe i should just google this but
/test/ /hose/
/v/ So, E3 is coming up...
/u/ I have no redeeming qualities AMA
/mu/ Kids turned out fine
/d/ Hanime vs. old hentai haven
/u/ Who's hose and why he's so mad
/u/ Daisuki, g/u/rl-chan~ ♡
/u/ Cant sleep
/a/ Recommend me some Slice of life anime! :3
/u/ Motivation thread
/cyb/ Random frenchman hands out invitations
/u/ Best prank for people who hates cops?
/u/ im hose ask me anything
/u/ Welp, Game of Thrones is over
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