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/a/ Websites with dual audio animes?
/u/ Got turned down
/new/ 4 years war in jemen - 4 years of silence in western media
/a/ I find it hard to watch anime after watching a deep and meaningful anime
/a/ What is your NHK?
/u/ I'm tired of meetings
/cyb/ GeekWatch General #32
/cyb/ window
/u/ Jill Plush owners thread
/d/ I love ├żorn
/v/ Any ffxiv players on the chaos dc?
/new/ The European Parliament has voted in favour of Article 13
/new/ No collusion
/u/ I had a blackout last night
/cyb/ You ever wonder what chicken tastes like?
/u/ How to properly analyze yourself?
/u/ Please give these guys love so they can fulfill their dream!
/u/ Adding Latin characters to the CyberpunkWaifus.woff
/burg/ burg
/u/ Feels Bad Man
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