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/u/ It is I, Arab Stingray
/u/ The bra arrival story Part 2
/a/ Why are all threads locked?
/u/ Ice lemon tea VS hot green tea
/v/ Playing Bioshock for the first time
/u/ What do you want for Christmas?
/u/ Where'd everyone go all of a sudden?
/u/ I think I've just had a wave of completely lost hope.
/cyb/ Platinu♡Moon Christmas Concert!
/test/ Testing
/v/ master race gamers, how do you manage your storage space
/u/ I need advice on talking to girls ....and people in general
/u/ i'll write down my diary here
/d/ Never fap in your room if your door doesn't have locks
/tech/ Internet Invisibility
/d/ Things you had cum on
/tech/ Recommended Keyboards?
/test/ asd
/d/ speaking of all the coming any of you ever came in ur underwear
/v/ i finally play botw
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