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/v/ Gray market with Steam Cards
/a/ Your favorite anime you've never watched it
/u/ How are you with spicy food?
/new/ Why is the current UK gov so ultra corrupt?
/cyb/ I think I'm close to solving my problems!
/v/ Any advises to finish WTTG2?
/u/ Where are all of the dangerous opinions???
/u/ hi frends
/a/ Vtuber content?
/new/ An impressive, powerful, inspiring speech by the United Nations Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley.
/new/ Rudy Giuliani is suspended from practicing law in New York over false statements about election loss
/u/ Sus sus amogus
/v/ I play pedosona
/d/ I love sex
/v/ GameDev: Kickstarter or Patreon?
/d/ Sex horny want a portal to fuck my own ass and cum in myself
/mu/ Kanye East greatest rapper of our generation
/a/ Seinen movies
/u/ We. Cock. Dick. Ballin.
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