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/tech/ Good wireless mic?
/u/ Humanity should nuke Canada I guess
/d/ reccomendations
/u/ Growing and changing
/tech/ hackintosh?
/u/ i hate getting text messages
/v/ Rage game/hardcore game/pain simulator are annoying ass labels
/mu/ what are some good headphones?
/u/ ᓚᘏᗢ
/new/ Why do some queer leftists simp for Russia?
/d/ Cum
/u/ I'M FRONT.
/u/ I'M BACK.
/v/ try lending 600k, again, you
/u/ Bread plushies
/u/ Why is puritanism still alive?
/tech/ free vpn?
/mu/ still looking for the song looking for this song where it says i like to suck some cock 3
/u/ im gay and retarded
/u/ ticklish
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