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/u/ Penguin dreams of sentient weapons
/u/ I suspect I have a kidney stone
/d/ Oooh my God, I've COOMED
/d/ How to translate japanese text that goes from top to bottom?
/v/ B/u/nnnnndle g/u/rl again~
/v/ About Demons of Asteborg ROM (for Mega Drive/Sega Genesis)
/a/ noclegi pracownicze w suwalkach
/u/ Log #1 Corrupted
/u/ Today's poop
/d/ faux chastity edging
/new/ Consumerist capitalism is great!
/u/ Tomorrow exam results
/burg/ burg
/u/ Sober posting
/cyb/ Love
/cyb/ The question
/d/ I have a job for you
/mu/ VSTs thread
/v/ Red Strings Club
/d/ What is your favourite sex toy?
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