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/u/ How badly do you want to be the final post?
/u/ My rap, don't be too strict!
/v/ Vidia guns
/d/ Cum thread is not dead
/u/ I miss the old Internet:(
/d/ Life would be better
/u/ Open Threads
/u/ Tell me you LOVE me.
/mu/ Ben Shapiro made "music"
/u/ I almost OD'd
/u/ interviewing for a job today
/test/ Awwwoooogaa
/new/ Right or centrist?
/u/ Anyone doing amateur radio?
/tech/ What is your opinion of webp
/u/ i may be the dumbest fucking genius
/u/ Is the old dangeru discord still around?
/u/ i used to be an adventurer like you but then i took an arrow to the knee
/u/ dead
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