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/u/ Hit me with a car plz
/u/ Anthems for orphans
/burg/ burg
/u/ are you kys or don't kys club?
/mu/ WAQS
/u/ I am so sick of bullshit people
/u/ just curious how you feel China and Chinese are?
/u/ Chris Chan Trial
/u/ how do to cope
/u/ I hate stupid people
/u/ conversations
/u/ I hate couples
/d/ It is my 21st Birthday
/d/ *leads my hand toward your general direction*
/u/ I hate family people
/u/ i can't win
/u/ heal yourself
/v/ N1rv-Ana
/u/ I hate attractive people
/u/ my bike was stolen 13 years ago, i know who did it and i'm still planning revenge
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