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/u/ you cant love others if you dont love yourself
/u/ Is it true that most of american schools have "meme days"?
/d/ Good hentai manga sources?
/u/ Can someone explain Yukkuri let's plays?
/mu/ Whats your favorite mac demarco song and why?
/u/ Nonna, where are you, frienn?
/u/ Where the f**k are my socks gone?
/tech/ SYN
/u/ love life
/test/ Just realized another update happened this month
/u/ Mentally Fucked
/u/ Longest Burg?
/u/ Its my birthday
/new/ Trump's Saudi Arabia First Policy
/u/ Stop hating on shrimp ramen
/d/ petition to rename September to Sextember
/u/ Merry Christmas!
/new/ fuck /new/
/u/ I'm not a loner!
/a/ Favorite JoJo ___
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