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/u/ Where are your friends?
/v/ Borderlands 3
/burg/ Ass
/u/ I want to chill like a chillasaurus rex
/u/ Strange flavors
/u/ Can't wait to get my danger/u/ pass
/new/ RIP Valery Bykovsky
/u/ Don't open this tread!
/u/ I fucking snapped again.
/u/ Did you hear about the Italian chef?
/v/ A silly rant but heck
/burg/ burg
/u/ 2 words story
/u/ im really sick
/tech/ Scan lines app
/a/ Kamen rider
/cyb/ Hiroszima Nagasaki qantum place
/u/ Quick question
/tech/ Need a new distro
/u/ Look! It's a Sniper!
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