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/u/ What is love?
/u/ E-books or paper books?
/v/ Do you strategically play fighting games or button smash all the way?
/u/ What does it mean to truly forgive someone?
/u/ Today's poop:
/mu/ 70s jazz / funk
/u/ Hey look at this
/cyb/ Have a nice trip
/tech/ The 30 series
/u/ Being a poop campire sucks ass
/new/ Why is the extreme left so easy to bait?
/new/ Why are the extreme right so easy to bait?
/mu/ Fav ps1 OSTs?
/u/ Post some of your top 10 books
/v/ cube world ?
/d/ How horny are you?
/u/ would it bother you if your partner liked wearing fragrances traditionally worn by the opposite gender?
/u/ My first android game!!
/u/ Do you ever just think of the wasted potential you have?
/u/ why do humans find dangerous predators cute
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