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/tech/ Pleroma
/tech/ have you ever had a serious usb latency problem
/v/ Pokemon go
/cyb/ (OOC) /cyb/ moving onwards into 2020
/u/ Drawing
/new/ Colleges are turning students’ phones into surveillance machines, tracking the locations of hundreds of thousands
/lain/ Pretty good doc
/d/ Dungeon Ai is ruining me
/tech/ App that let you stream music on YouTube?
/u/ What is happening to Arisuchan?
/u/ in advance
/d/ Nude Hub
/u/ im drunk af ask me anything
/tech/ My business card runs Linux
/v/ Finally played Va-11
/v/ pixel indie gameish admiration thread
/mu/ Megan McDuffee
/u/ Uncomfortable dreams
/u/ Toss a coin to your witcher...
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