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/test/ Awooo
/u/ is the first year of relationship really the hardest?
/u/ Hung out with new friend today.
/v/ games you've played your whole life that you now hate?
/u/ Maids are on vacation
/u/ drunk posting
/d/ i fucked my neighbour
/mu/ heavy post-hardcore recs
/u/ Alien Thread
/new/ 1.5 million Russian bot accounts shut down in Ukraine
/u/ Tea
/d/ Boytummies make me the hardest
/test/ obm☻
/a/ writer
/cyb/ MegaChristmas was an inside Job
/v/ Witcher 3 kinda sucks
/u/ the hierarchy of power in danger/u/ is about to change..
/u/ Using a vacumcleaner for speedy poop
/d/ >tfw no mpreg
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