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/d/ Today I dreamt about handholding a g/u/rl
/tech/ Good QR scanner app for Android
/d/ Is succumate any good?
/a/ What are your thoughts on Kamisama ni natta hi?
/v/ I need subscribers
/a/ Anime/Weeb merch that isn't too obvious
/new/ Safety
/u/ Danger/u/ shorts?
/u/ Do you know about Telegram?
/a/ Chainsaw Man Part 2 hype
/v/ Go buy Brigador
/u/ folliculitis
/burg/ burg
/v/ Have you heard of this game called wally bear and the no gang
/a/ Golden Kamuy is fucking incredible
/v/ Crisis Core deserves a console remaster
/lain/ Scenario Experiments Lain
/v/ Custom Order Maid 3D2
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