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/u/ apparantly its weird to let soda sit
/d/ Would you still fuck me if I'm a norm?
/d/ Monthly reminder to never ride your tractor in your bathing suit
/d/ Bimbofication is hot
/d/ Call Peko mama
/u/ Goodnight gurls
/burg/ burg
/u/ Cheap food to survive
/u/ N
/u/ Touching grass is not enough. I hope all my homies heal from the things they don't talk about.
/v/ In the Grace of our Malice
/d/ I might not be able to touch my toes...
/d/ Would you still fuck me if I'm a worm?
/u/ Why does everything cost x.99?
/d/ I lost my virgnity in the nastiest way possible
/d/ My period is getting late
/u/ Help me find the name of a movie
/v/ which one of you russian g/u/rls did this
/new/ Corporate greed is fueling inflation
/u/ Who was 50k chan?
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