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/cyb/ I have a brilliant​ idea​
/u/ I'd like a girlfriend, however...
/u/ where is systemspace?
/d/ "Forbidden Content"
/a/ read the promised neverland manga
/u/ It is I, Jewess Zane.
/u/ now i see why i am nostalgic for touhou
/u/ Is this rude?
/v/ I used to think toxicity in games were bad
/tech/ Tfw they remove a christmas hat from vsc cuz someone found it offensive
/d/ Things you want to cum out from
/u/ how long can we keep up a burg thread without angry burg being used?
/burg/ burg
/u/ My new bra arrived today
/v/ I need advice about Fire emblem 3Houses
/u/ Am I the only one who thinks cigarettes smell nice?
/u/ convince me to want to live
/v/ Jumpking
/mu/ AOTY List?
/d/ saw my dad's penis in my dream
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