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/lain/ Body mods and biohacking
/d/ Ur high school crush
/u/ I'm not killing myself tonight but
/u/ How to get over the fear of killing self
/u/ Me sleepy
/u/ I got fucking scammed by Vodafone
/v/ I used to think I hated visual novels
/new/ Handmaid's Tale
/a/ Is crunchyroll worth a sub?
/v/ SEKIRO 隻狼 hardcoreGame
/v/ Kurtzpel, the parallel world of Grand Chase
/u/ Who let the trannies return?
/d/ Hello
/u/ Forcing yourself to do something
/u/ Where do you get your sketchy foreign foreign dick pills, etc.?
/cyb/ DYNAMOFORCE: with drums
/test/ Thread life
/mu/ Rec some Depresso
/d/ So a thing happened
/cyb/ To OS
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