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/u/ fashion
/mu/ Post floopy drive music and or anything in a similar vain
/a/ goku
/d/ accidental anal is gonna ruin my relationship
/u/ Why do they call it liver cirnosis if it doesn't turn you into Cirno?
/u/ Post your biggest opps caused here
/u/ Evening somewhere
/u/ Glad to see it
/d/ Would anyone have sex with partner whilst listening to this?
/burg/ burg
/u/ Im bored
/u/ Penguin did an emotional fucky-wucky
/u/ What the hell happen to DeepL's japanese text to speech?
/u/ Hi
/new/ Kiwi Farms and Action Zealandia got deplatformed!
/v/ Bloon
/new/ Fuck
/d/ My fwb is coming down for xmas
/v/ Have a Steam Deck? What are you playing?
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