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/cyb/ What's up with J.C and old stocks
/cyb/ Express shipping to my bath?!!
/cyb/ shrimp ramen price hiked
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/u/ Legality/Illegality of Various Drugs
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/u/ Cool internet sites!
/d/ this is the sex offender turf
/mu/ Norwegian Reggaeton anyone?
/d/ Cum Porridge
/d/ sublimation is kinda dumb
/u/ My regular reminder not to fuck with nicotine
/tech/ help
/u/ do gay people really get invited to girls sleepover?
/new/ Trump wears mask
/test/ LGBT
/u/ What can I do to become more approachable/friendly?
/d/ Relationship advice between an ace and a horny person
/d/ Cum from kiss
/d/ Healsluts
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