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/a/ can someone link me avaialble jobs in animes???
/a/ getalotofsub
/u/ Are there boymoders here on danger/u/?
/v/ Favorite gaming controller
/u/ No
/v/ Nier Replicant brings me pain
/v/ Smash Ultimate
/u/ The Olsen Gang
/u/ Just found a credit card
/u/ Tell me to draw things and won't draw them!!
/a/ teach me how to play anime songs on piano
/u/ What's the best way to bully someone?
/u/ Fucking mondays
/u/ danger/u/ discord
/d/ I accidentally fucked my own ass
/u/ Unus Annus
/u/ i want to be loved
/tech/ 3d references
/u/ Tell me to draw things and I'll draw them poorly!!
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