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/v/ Reminiscense is amazing.
/mu/ How to improve your voice?
/u/ I fell asleep in the couch and dreamt of danger/u/
/a/ I just saw DBZ.. abridged
/a/ Reminder: getting sick will make your waifu sad.
/u/ How to start a waifu war?
/u/ Yes, the Chinese eat dogs. Koreans too.
/burg/ burg
/v/ has graphics technology peaked?
/d/ Would you fuck Anna?
/u/ Send me some vines/memes
/v/ Is Three Fourths Home worth the money?
/burg/ burg
/u/ Faya~ tututu~
/lain/ Favorite Cyberpunk games?
/v/ Anyone Playing Valorant?
/u/ Does dangeru have telegram group?
/mu/ Is M A N I A that bad ?
/new/ Crazy Asian Hornets coming near you???
/v/ Lets decide what is the best game ever!!!!
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