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/u/ So, I was just told I tried to hang myself.
/burg/ burg
/tech/ The Ultra Cool Open Source Alternatives Thread
/u/ Does any one here has atopic dermatitis ?
/u/ special someone
/cyb/ Any good restaurants?
/u/ You ever feel sudden melancholy?
/d/ Kink you're ashamed of that turns u on
/burg/ burg
/d/ How do people have flexible peepees?
/v/ Your favourite Battlefield 3 map and why
/a/ Gunslinger girl
/tech/ Do you still torrent?
/tech/ Your favorite media player
/new/ Brazil: two ministres left government
/u/ How do you know if you're really inlove?
/v/ Have any of you ever received a permanent trade ban on Steam? Did you keep using the same account?
/mu/ 2pac
/lain/ Cyberpunk 911 calls
/tech/ How hard is it to program a nice-looking GUI?
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