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/u/ minecraft;
/u/ Is it ok if i make a, uh, Facebook page of danger/u/?
/u/ It's a new day, oh yes it is.
/v/ Sengoku rance is near
/v/ I hate at how Maplestory 2 feels dead
/u/ AITA for shooting at a person for no reason?
/tech/ Bees at 4am
/u/ My peanuts had some bugs in them
/mu/ K-12
/u/ I will harness the power of god.
/u/ drinking water
/d/ i killed sex
/u/ I forgot how to talk to people
/v/ Ever Feel Like the Only Nerd Around?
/u/ Brains are quite interesting
/u/ How can I draw while having no privacy from my family?
/u/ Would you rather be Jack of all trades or Master of few?
/u/ Qt Asian girl help
/u/ God I just want someone to cuddle with :'^)
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