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/u/ AMA
/u/ Incel lost it's meaning
/u/ no one told me you can hide threads
/burg/ burg
/u/ I'm really really lonely
/u/ How does one fuck themself?
/v/ Bounty Hunter game?
/v/ Diablo III
/u/ How to get big tiddy nazi gf in canada?
/cyb/ I am EAGLE, the leader of the Glitz rebellion. AMA!
/u/ My back hurts
/v/ what is this conflicting feeling of enjoying action games but wanting to pick up tedious games
/cyb/ (OOC) Getting started
/burg/ burg
/u/ While you were transitioning
/new/ Славяне вперёд.....
/tech/ my file disappeared pls halp
/mu/ lofi dungeon synth beats to relax/study to?
/u/ Would you step on stuart litle
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