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/tech/ Do lincels unironically use linux at home as their main OS?
/u/ Sei and Stella
/d/ How to understand that you are asexual?
/u/ Anyone else here HATE people touching you
/tech/ ITT: We make a Programming Tutorial Series
/u/ Are you has is gamer?
/u/ I feel so fucking irritable.
/a/ Padoru Padoru
/a/ anime has always been shit
/a/ Best minor villain in JJBA
/a/ Why are there so many active threads wtf
/u/ Happy Tuesday!
/test/ Did awoo juat get awoo banner?
/u/ death
/tech/ making your shitty, yet fancy setup of (insert linux distro here) more fancy and personlized
/new/ Military against Demonstrants in Chile
/mu/ Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino is the best album of the 2010's
/v/ Looking for a japanesey aesthetically pleasing PC game?
/u/ How to train your money?
/mu/ Music is Gay
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