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/u/ college is weird
/tech/ vmp leaked since some weeks
/burg/ burg
/tech/ you should use fortran
/new/ Top Russian Commander Killed in Crimea Strike
/u/ when the unsigneod long long int and you moo moo ranch the thunk_fun til she Control flow encountered bad instruction data
/d/ What do you think of the word "Grooming"? It's being overused nowadays?
/u/ New ai update
/tech/ Have any of y'all hacked or modded your consoles? Pt.2
/mu/ Danger /mu/ daily listening thread 2024 Edition
/v/ Momodora 4 is out
/u/ Why are cheetahs so bad at sneaking?
/u/ Someone reassure me
/burg/ burg
/u/ Lowres?
/cyb/ [Livestream] You Ship it, I brick it Special!
/lain/ Sexual Experiments Lain
/tech/ Attention Tachiyomi users
/u/ junk
/d/ fapping my boner again ama
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