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/u/ Making a motorcycle
/u/ The most reliable way to protect your computer from hackers
/burg/ burg
/u/ The Media-Industrial Complex
/u/ scoliosis going crazyy rn
/u/ Wir sind des Geyers furry Haufen
/d/ wholesome lewd
/u/ miss the old days
/u/ a little help for a friend please :>
/u/ A challenge for you p/u/ssies
/test/ Αwοoοo killing ground
/d/ Oh, you've got an ass on you alright, see that's what he's talkin' about!
/burg/ burg
/u/ ummm what!
/v/ 80% Elona Steam release soon!
/mu/ Breakcore
/u/ Hate everyone but I like some art some people do
/u/ It's time for /u/ to decide once and for all...
/mu/ debussy got me actin unwise
/u/ hey gurls how can i be strong without getting buff
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