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/a/ Guilty pleasures
/a/ Favorite oppais
/d/ how much of /d/ storytime is tru
/u/ 120 yen caramel
/test/ 35 threads currently alive
/burg/ burg
/a/ (Kinda) Watching Hentai with the bois??
/d/ AP USH
/u/ /(#o.-);
/test/ Caramel tedd
/v/ favorite fortnite emote
/u/ questions that won't let me sleep at night
/tech/ Oh yeah, archive the posts like this shit hole is active.
/u/ AmIrite?
/v/ What are you playing?
/v/ Any other story oriented games?
/u/ Moving to Japan
/d/ theg on it again
/u/ Snipping Tool
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