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/a/ Where can i find the Hatsune Miku anime??
/v/ Battlefield 2042.
/burg/ burg
/burg/ burg
/burg/ burg
/a/ Anybody else hate Vtubers?
/u/ Why does the ocean exist?
/u/ you g/u/rls think I gave up? song-chan, wya?
/u/ I accidentally used antiperspirant instead of deodorant
/u/ I accidentally fucked my own mouth instead of using antiperspirant
/u/ Why is everyone horny
/d/ Why do partners feel like a burden?
/d/ I want to fuck a submissive g/u/rl
/d/ I think im emotionally a bottom
/u/ Why exist?
/lain/ live and let lain
/u/ I feel better
/burg/ burg
/mu/ Bandcamp easter egg
/u/ Hey, has anyone heard back from Candice?
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