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/u/ Legs
/v/ to be indie, you must not be indie?
/u/ G/u/rls I just realize something obvious
/u/ My best friend (crush)
/v/ Code vein
/d/ Anyone cum here?
/tech/ when using the linux operating system
/test/ are like kicking dead whales down the beach
/u/ doomscrolling is shockingly easy
/u/ family trips are bullshit
/u/ So… you were alone in Valentine’s Day. What did you do yesterday?
/u/ N
/a/ meow
/tech/ What's even the point of AI
/tech/ help to cracking school wifi
/d/ Lewd games that allow creation of characters
/u/ Fried Rice? I find it quite simple.
/u/ A funny word again
/u/ You can drag the thread creator box on pc
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