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/mu/ Vocaloid is dead
/tech/ Thoughts on tiktok?
/tech/ Got me a new SSD
/d/ hairy legs
/v/ Why do stick presses exist
/v/ How did you get into Va-11 Hall-A?
/new/ Do people have free will?
/tech/ Freemails?
/lain/ personality
/u/ Pros of being a sheltered kid
/u/ Bored
/new/ what is your unironic political/economical ideology?
/new/ American IQ tests ...
/d/ i'm sex
/d/ Green Skin Fetish
/u/ what do?
/cyb/ CIRC-A Discussion Thread
/cyb/ (Setting) The Underpass, downtown 2
/burg/ burg
/u/ My mom e-mailed me and
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