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/mu/ LOUD albums
/new/ I love going on reddit...
/cyb/ /Burg/ menu got worse, again.
/cyb/ [Radio] Radio Wire 18!
/tech/ I want home server. where do i start.
/test/ Last person who will reply is losing #3
/v/ rom hacks?
/lain/ Hi, Lain here
/u/ Wanna talk about anything?
/d/ I'm tested positive!
/d/ I want to have sex with my sister...
/new/ World's wealthiest 'at heart of climate problem'
/u/ I still love you.
/u/ I'm no longer unemployed!
/lain/ lain 20: lainssurection
/v/ Genshin Impact appreciation thread
/v/ any of you guys played a little something called Noita?
/u/ Do you want to be famous?
/v/ Why did you pick your main in a fighting game?
/lain/ Denpa genre
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