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/mu/ italo disco
/u/ Boredom
/a/ Any good wholesome imoutos?
/u/ Shoulder pain and weakness when lifting my arm
/u/ I can't remember anything I read.
/v/ Postal 4?
/d/ If mental age could be properly measured
/u/ UUUUGHHhhh
/v/ WTF is happening to fortnite?
/d/ Corset done + cute pics!
/v/ noita
/tech/ when will I be able to afford good VR
/mu/ Hなボレロ (^^;)
/mu/ Project Luna
/a/ Spooktober
/u/ I'm disturbed by my own thoughts.
/d/ You're looking at porn when you could be..
/u/ Stupid Ramblings
/u/ Here I have, a video of people playing Airsoft.
/d/ If you are/were having sex then how often would you fap?
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