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/u/ hair in the ass
/u/ More bruh bruh
/test/ hose mad
/cyb/ (Setting/bar)The hazy moonlighter Pt.2
/u/ It hurts to know you are literally fucking worthless.
/u/ I hate the number four
/test/ Do not be alarmed, this is just for fun
/cyb/ Info Central 6/13: VitaLife Edition
/u/ What is a summerf*g?
/u/ Hebl
/u/ School sucks
/u/ Pref, where you at?
/new/ Tell me one thing trump did wrong
/u/ The aftermath
/u/ If you do the same thing as you did the last time
/u/ Good to see that the mods are in full awesome mode
/tech/ sup fags
/u/ The last time you didn't talk to me.
/u/ Fucking dangeru fags mods are too fragile.
/u/ I'm broken and I don't know how to fix myself
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