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/u/ What would you do
/d/ The 6 numbers thread
/test/ fghfghfghfg
/a/ Underrated animes:How many do you know?
/a/ Kaguya is Over
/u/ K-dramas anyone?
/u/ ANGRY burg
/u/ egg
/d/ interesting ways to masturbate
/tech/ How the fuck does one practice shell scripting?
/cyb/ [Radio] Radio Wire 16
/new/ Culture is not your friend
/cyb/ Operation Bear Hunt
/u/ why do people become parents when they're clearly not suited for it
/new/ Seattle's mayor is trying to attempt to disperse CHAZ/CHOP
/u/ Why some people think its ok to cheat?
/burg/ Very happy burg, but actually it's angry, but it's fine because it's also a free burg, and all burgs will be loved
/new/ sometimes i think about how fucked humanity is
/cyb/ Runner group aprehended in downtown midnight
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