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/v/ So MS is acquiring ActiBlizz
/u/ waiting for a sign
/v/ What game do you want to beat this year?
/u/ 5 letters thread
/cyb/ What's that noise?
/d/ I'll buy your piss
/u/ Creators you KNOW make the greatest sad stuff
/d/ What's your level on the sex battlepass?
/u/ I need attention
/d/ Evenicle 2 is coming! LETS FUCKING GOOOO
/mu/ What do you call guilty gear music?
/a/ исключить страницу из индексации
/u/ Confession
/a/ рабочее зеркало гидры
/v/ Anyone here plays Attorney Online?
/v/ You have $15M to develop a game. What do you make?
/u/ You didn't answer my question.
/u/ Let's get you mentally healthy
/u/ Don't do drugs
/lain/ Lain last message [spoiler!]
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