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/v/ Sim city 2000
/test/ Padoruasing
/d/ Had kex without locking the apt door
/u/ snooza interview
/u/ everything hurts
/u/ im just yelling into an abyss
/d/ Pet play mm yes
/u/ Beyond the shadow you settled for, there's a miracle illuminated
/u/ The Sites Death Blow
/d/ You didn't pee enough, The Pee Throne is dæd
/u/ Fashion mag sources?
/d/ getting called fag is so good
/d/ Thick g/u/rl problems
/u/ I am going to KILL all snails
/tech/ How do you learn to code with fucking adhd.
/u/ A troubling new
/u/ I forgot my meds, remind me tmmr to take them ty
/lain/ Piu
/u/ Slaves should be free
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