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/u/ will you blow up the sun given the chance?
/u/ Can dogs smile
/v/ which specs do I need to run doom?
/u/ why is yume nikki so fucking scary
/mu/ Just some 4chan song
/v/ Games that Have been in dev for more than a decade
/u/ Yowsuh
/u/ >ᗜ˰ᗜ The face of a smug nigga
/v/ Where to pirate DLC?
/u/ every day is exactly the same
/tech/ If you had a lot of time and wanted a new project to work on, what it would be?
/u/ This thing is fucking BREEDABLE
/u/ I drank my own piss
/u/ i need a break from my break
/d/ Lately I've been trying to rape people
/u/ The Japs love CP...
/a/ I watched "Onimai"
/u/ ÆEEEEEEEEEE V. GodzaimasPidoras
/burg/ burg
/u/ Hikki/Neet Opinion
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