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/u/ 8 gimme ur fav song NOW
/d/ hypothetically
/u/ Do not marry non virgin women
/v/ herp
/v/ another one of those gotcha gaym threads but this time it's zzz
/v/ Steam Summer Sale
/d/ I just lost my virginity with a tampon...
/d/ Why girls call themselves femboys?
/u/ What's the best way to return to the 2000s
/d/ I plapped my childhood friend's half brother's cousin's sister today
/u/ to the g/u/rl here obsessed with hawk thua
/d/ So I ended the nofap month
/v/ Rock and Stone
/test/ Seis preguiƧas tomam sopa
/u/ Dance party!
/lain/ is there really life outside the network?
/d/ Another attempt at prostate orgasm
/u/ dangeru is mid
/u/ Fucked my ex's dad
/u/ I wanna talk to someone without a dick again.
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