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/mu/ stuff you've been listen to recently
/u/ : ^)
/u/ WARNING wound picture but tf is this???
/v/ Aminal Well
/u/ Empathy
/v/ vidya game tutoryl, math
/cyb/ Discord killed the RP board
/u/ how do I clean my toilet?
/mu/ need help finding chords to a song
/d/ be on the internet, get horny
/d/ Who actually like [colorize]?
/d/ I wish I could be a courtesan
/d/ I've heard that if you want unconditional love, you should get a dog
/u/ my discord scammer stopped talking to me :(
/v/ Places to find ad-free Android games?
/u/ 5 Billion in losses so far ...
/u/ What do you think happens when you die?
/tech/ Help me plan out video game
/u/ happy mothers day to everyone with shitty mothers
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