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/u/ тут есть живые люди?
/u/ ????????????????????
/d/ I'm AMA.
/u/ We burg, and we angry burg, but....
/u/ Ask a question, answer another #2
/u/ Im honestly considering killing myself because of my voice
/d/ Smoking cum?
/u/ Good to be back
/v/ Underrail
/burg/ burg
/d/ I'm a human. AMA.
/cyb/ (setting) O-kitsune courier and chop shop
/mu/ Stumbled upon this...
/cyb/ When was the last time you cried so bad and why?
/new/ Corona
/v/ Pesterquest finale
/u/ now I'm scared of the virus
/v/ osu!
/cyb/ [Setting] Caramel Anne
/a/ Rei vs. Asuka: Shit on Everyone Edition
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