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/a/ In love with psycho-pass
/u/ Captchan is gone, but now double-posting Chan takes over.
/u/ Going rock bottom
/a/ Apocalyptic/Semi-Apocalyptic + Ovearching Plot Combo Mangas
/a/ Who had been ripping all those anime raws, every single one per season
/lain/ gurls who posted and replied about good doc
/a/ Anime in a nutshell guessing
/a/ + за пост
/a/ Eizouken A.K.A. Yuasa's not dead after all.
/u/ We need a /su/ tag for support and mental health
/v/ Do any g/u/rls play on FightCade?
/u/ Am drunk
/v/ Another fucking Fire Emblem sword-wielding character in Smash, Samurai why
/u/ Getting institutionalised (mentally fucked)
/lain/ gurl who posted the good doc and then replied to my reply
/tech/ a bar's own textboard
/u/ Quick and easy workout for someone who hasn't exercised before?
/d/ Hva faen gjør du når kølla er vrengt?
/cyb/ Anyone know about retro tech here?
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