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/v/ Dating sims
/tech/ Let's break the web
/d/ I must say this
/d/ The cleaning lady (33F) and I (21M) got kinda kinky and it doesn't feel right
/u/ How to talk to people
/u/ here is a pun
/u/ Cats and dogs is a good movie
/u/ I have a question for you g/u/rls
/u/ How do I unbake a cake?
/u/ Boys are not real
/v/ PSA: Titan Quest and Jagged Alliance are free on Steam right now
/cyb/ Tired.
/u/ Recursive b/u/rg game
/cyb/ (Setting) Teafluent (Late Evening)
/u/ To the fucker who broke a massive angry burg streak in one of /burg/ threads
/lain/ Futurepunk
/v/ Mario World vs Mario Bros 3
/v/ Fall guys will be soon f2p
/new/ why this board's so gay
/cyb/ (Setting) C&D's Crazy Combos
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