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/u/ Fashion!
/tech/ Guess who said these quotes
/u/ I'm in that state of... something I can't describe.
/u/ I'm here to expose you :/d/ boards people are /d/ board people
/u/ should we make taste bud VR
/test/ game
/a/ B E S T W A I F U 2 0 1 9
/a/ beastars is pretty good
/tech/ anyone still using 8.1?
/a/ Best Anime Girl to cum on her?
/u/ delete discord
/u/ what's up /u/
/a/ Anime nowadays is shit.
/u/ If you talk like Yoda
/d/ sell pictures of your feet?
/a/ Most unique and entertaining animes
/u/ Anyone a fan of text boards?
/u/ Cousin went and fucking disappeared.
/u/ I hate my job
/lain/ Manifesto of the Second Industrial Revolution
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