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/u/ I'm 27. How old are you?
/d/ I find "ugly"people insanely hot
/u/ i got screwed out of 25€ by the fucking CASH REGISTER LADY
/burg/ burg
/u/ I need fun things to do with long distance friends!
/u/ what is this place?
/u/ I'm heading to sleep.
/mu/ Getting into metal
/a/ Vtubers!
/u/ looking for someone to talk to
/u/ Do you gurls know how to cook?
/v/ Girls Frontline
/u/ Thoughts on being dead
/a/ Gimme a character to beat super tengen toppa gurren lagann
/u/ How often do you d&d?
/mu/ I started a small punk scene in my town >:)
/u/ Guys Im so excited :)!
/cyb/ A Few Good Chummers.
/cyb/ [Radio] Radio Wire 17
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