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/mu/ REOL spammer actually made me listen to REOL
/u/ latest videogame you finished?
/d/ Color correcting
/u/ How do you even make friends?
/u/ how to kiss
/u/ how the hell do you use this app
/test/ Test
/a/ If /a/ had a mascot what would she (or he)'s design look like ?
/mu/ more stuff like va11's ost?
/d/ What could a hypothetical teen g/u/rl (who totally isn't me) use as makeshift anal fingering lube if she didn't want parents to find out?
/u/ convince me to buy winrar
/u/ What do
/u/ should i play an instrument?
/cyb/ General info thread? General info thread 4/20
/d/ Any sexual experiences with siblings or cousins?
/u/ Dreams
/u/ What are you doing right now?
/cyb/ (Setting) The Midnight Drifter
/v/ What games do you guys play when you were a child?
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