/cyb/ ooc discord!

| Happy New Year's everyone. Last year, we opened up a /cyb/ focused discord server to discuss the new rules being made and to generally facilitate out of character communication between players and GMs. I'll drop the link down below so come on by and say hi!


| Discord? You were a bit early for April fools.

| >>784107
This has been sitting here for a while now. You're late on the uptake.

| つまらない


| Funny. Very Funny.

| U

| V

| There was a raid on the server last night so I had to kill the invite and put some measures in place to mitigate it from happening in the future. Here's the new invite link


Please read the welcome channel message carefully when you join.

| Bob


| Hoi. Some of the current anti-spam measures are seemingly eating up posts and making RP on the board a general pain in the arse so for the time being, I enabled the forum feature over on the /cyb/ ooc discord server so y'all can RP there. That said, for non-scenes (aka actual board posting and whatnot), you should still be able to post them here without too much trouble (hopefully).

| should be embarrassed for using discrap

| >>908553 lol fuck off

| >>908553

IRC fanboy.
Step out of the basement for once, the future is fun.

| g

| Can we get a new link? This one expired.

| >>944882
Had to disable the first link a while back because of a server raid and I posted a new one after fixing things up so here it is in case you missed it above https://discord.gg/XNwkqz6whE

| >cyberpunk posters moving to discord
Oh, the irony

| >I'll drop the link down below so come on by and say hi!

How can one find the rp discord invite

| oh fvck me just gotta press the "✓" after reading all the rules

| >this is what /cyb/ is reduced to
fuck, maybe rainchanneru was a mistake.

| cyberpunk imageboard + discord. Molly would have your limbs off for that.

| >>950487
Blame the janny apocalypse and melties

| oh my god that's where everyone went I thought it was over lmao

| Discord will be the final nail in the coffin for forums

| >>997093 It has been already

| Days 'uhegykbey

| ???????? inside

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