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/d/ Stalking is when...
/u/ okay !!
/d/ I'm inside your walls
/a/ Joseph I will sell my firstborn for a Steins;Gate marble
/u/ what goes well with garlic bread
/v/ Are videogames dead?
/u/ /u/ end prediction #3
/u/ Nega Santa
/lain/ the game is better than the anime
/u/ TFW the local economy is crumbling and your city chooses to spend millions on fing trash cans
/d/ WHY am i DRY
/d/ AI generation for stupids
/d/ Trans people are useless jobless sensitive losers who contribute nothing to society.
/tech/ Keyboard choose
/tech/ Useful Minimal Linux Programmes
/u/ How to be an artist but remain completely anonymous?
/u/ Apparently it's not normal to be in constant physical pain
/u/ how do i not get harassed online
/lain/ Lain
/new/ The Chinese government has built up the world's largest known online disinformation operation
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