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/u/ Expectation setting in relationship.
/u/ sex partner
/a/ Crit
/u/ Attack of the Killer Queen
/u/ A japanese short film about a teenager qestioning about what is him, once wide speaded in taiwan in arround 2004
/u/ i am hot, cool but not available.
/u/ I am a non fucked up sociopath
/u/ Would you
/u/ industrial cock engineer
/d/ cockroach cock goes crazy ngl
/u/ Cockroach infestation in /u/
/u/ Fuck, what the fuck?
/v/ 100€+ game question
/lain/ cyberpunk elements
/v/ Games for cockroaches
/u/ ITT we make a post and predict our ID color
/u/ In this thread we can burg in ways that are not normally possible by the Burgian Geometry Laws
/u/ co-op penis stream
/v/ recent vidya game purchases?
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