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/burg/ burg
/cyb/ Any divers here?
/a/ Gundam thread
/mu/ [General] Post what you are listening to right now
/tech/ Why things so stupid
/u/ fucking life´╝îi fuck u fucking world and fucking humankind
/u/ Took the vax
/v/ Code for AION, free to use
/cyb/ (News)Local bar attacked by cult, a vigilante savior: a new surge of violence in Downtown?
/a/ Shark girl manga
/d/ So like... Amputees?
/cyb/ The first cool night at the end of summer
/tech/ Python thred
/u/ Im sorry but I HAVE to say this
/d/ What is your sexual opinion about Halflings/Hobbits?
/u/ How to express condolences
/u/ I have a question for you g/u/rls
/u/ can anybody help me find the shark sipping a cup of pepsi?
/tech/ Sound Design Programs and Hardware
/u/ I sent a g/u/rl my phone number and now I'm being bullied
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