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/tech/ Does anyone here knows how to get windows 3.1 running in freebox (a mobile dosbox emulator)?
/u/ family advice wanted
/u/ Head spinning to left
/mu/ Spotify Wrapped Is Here!
/u/ America
/burg/ burg
/u/ When someone on the internet seemingly disappeared, what do you usually think happened to them?
/u/ tell me about your crush
/u/ Sex
/lain/ bain
/u/ Pedophile?
/v/ Touhou characters
/u/ AMA i exist
/u/ Reminder to make a shotacon thread
/v/ 2d or 3d pokeball throw
/new/ Meta’s Adversarial Threat Operation Shuts down A Record Breaking Amount Of Propaganda Networks
/d/ Now I see why all the uptight young women like you.
/d/ FUCK
/u/ Vent thread
/u/ The next time someone tries to talk to me I will just scream at the top of my lungs
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