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/tech/ Is FF dying?
/u/ I am doing fine now
/d/ It is possible for me to jerk my g/u/rldick
/u/ The Worst Types Accounts You Follow On Twitter
/u/ courroie
/u/ hope you slept well gurls
/d/ Once again
/mu/ can someone give good artists plz
/v/ wtf is going on with battlefield 2042 even
/u/ Three words thread.
/u/ Secret Angry Burgs
/mu/ good youtube music channels
/cyb/ hongry...
/u/ I am dating myself
/u/ If any other gurls are in this snowstorm
/v/ what du u thing about [Gacha] game
/d/ I want a boy
/d/ it won't stop hurting
/d/ Where can I find DRM-free mating press machine these days?
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