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/u/ Mod appreciation tread
/v/ Your most anticipated upcoming game(s)?
/v/ VR Rhythm Games
/new/ Do you think corona would be over if we treated it like plague?
/d/ I'm gonna need a maid here...
/test/ Testing
/u/ it's just a flirt and flirt is cheating
/mu/ Sewerslvt released album
/cyb/ Terrible cases downtown...
/u/ hi
/u/ click
/cyb/ which 1 of u cunts is spamming IRC
/u/ dude...
/u/ Solarpunk
/u/ why can't I get addicted to drugs
/u/ I have an interesting hypothetic scenario
/d/ Is it me or is..
/d/ What is your sexual opinion about wizards and witches?
/d/ I love pegging
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