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/u/ Survival instinct kicking
/cyb/ VR and AR General
/u/ imagine posting burg
/u/ Imagine posting angry burg
/d/ I just want a loving big sister!
/u/ I'm so scared
/mu/ You guys should listen to EVE
/u/ So what have you been up to?
/u/ book recommendation requests
/v/ Anyone here watch Tim Rogers' game reviews?
/v/ Does xbox still sell?
/d/ Brother/Sister sharing service ( 18+ and not 18+ )
/u/ how much spare time do you have at your job?
/a/ seasonal anime
/u/ I wonder if (You) can destroy the earth after all?
/lain/ Need Cibo
/u/ Tired...
/new/ Biden's president
/v/ Is the disc broken or am I just missing something?
/v/ I got PS Vita, yay!
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