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/d/ I'm a braindead retard and my partner wants me to ERP. Help?
/u/ Por favor dame un video de las momias extraterrestres en el Congreso mexicano
/u/ thread for gay retards
/test/ are like kicking dead whales down the beach
/u/ feelings of rejections even online
/u/ Occasional Apathy
/v/ Coffin of Andy and Leyley
/u/ Help ! Trans g/u/rl need help
/u/ Murder drones
/u/ okay. job interview, take infinity
/u/ how to deal with rape
/u/ Today's poop:
/new/ Mexicos Zapatistas are dissolving :,(
/d/ *holds hands*
/d/ o nyoez i peed bed ówò
/u/ smedge
/d/ Chose a hero
/u/ im a little bit cunty
/u/ cheer me up /u/
/v/ Civil War / Coup games?
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