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[MAJOR EVENT] Total Blackout
(OOC: Contact Information)
BaZAaR! (Buy and Sell! VI)
-_-_J0BS BOARD #4_-_-
(meta) Reposting wiki
Hey, who turned out the lights?
Distress Call
[Livestream] XNBC & SoC!
Thanks Jinterprise
(Setting) World's End Garden, Temple-1
today is my birthday
The light goes out, I go wow
ER wait times way, way the fuck up
(Stream) Rooftops of an Apartment Somewhere in Neon
(Setting)IA's barbecue
M4 - C (Basic)
I shot a sheriff's deputy!?!?!?
(Setting) The Castle, Tech Clinic
just witnessed a fucking murder
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